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Jeremy Boltus MLL All-Star Game 2015 MLL S
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2015 MLL Supp. Draft Tweeted by @ConnorWilsonLAS

Connor basically live blogged today’s 2015 MLL supplemental draft on Twitter, so here are his immediate takes on the draft. If you want a complete, thorough, correctly-spelled-name draft recap, look elsewhere. Try the MLL website! Stuff will be up soon.

For a rapid fire play by play from Twitter, read on. There are at least 2 or 3 things that will make you laugh and more spelling errors than any one man should be capable of. Plus a lot of info, shoddy, shoddy info.

Here we go…

2015 MLL Supp. Draft According to @ConnorWilsonLAS

Out of 1200 players, how many could each team truly look into? Also, Mason Poli traded to Boston for a draft pick. I think. Call cut out.

Atlanta gets @J_Boltus2 with the #1 pick. They came ready, took that man quick!

Someone is ruffling papers, a lot of papers. clock ticking. TRADE! CHA trades pick and 20th pick in Supp to CHE. They get picks back.

CHE takes Nick Osella and FLA is on the clock. That was a weird trade. FLA takes Ken @KClausen27 with #3 pick!

Now @CharlotteMLL after trading the #2 pick for #4 pick takes Colin Dunster. Now it’s Denver’s turn.

Mike Rooney goes to @BostonCannons at #6. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what that is. oops.

Paper shuffling/ruffling has stopped. CHA making us hold our breath… and they take Sean Young! First round is now done, ATL starts 2nd.

There are 11 more rounds of Atlanta taking their sweet time. COME ON! Kidding. ATL takes Lecky from @CuseMLAX

CHA with the quick restart, takes Steven O’Hara. He’s a big mean man on D. FLA is now on the clock. Dundundun. Eric Smith gets picked by FLA

Owen Blye goes to FLA with the 14th pick, Gross writes it down, repeats, and CHE picks Kyle @KSweeney7 up ASAP. LOCK DOWN.

Jack Rice goes to Ohio at #16, @RattlersLax take Kip Orban at #17, and New York goes on the clock for the first time. Jordan Hall is picked.

3rd Rd starts with Atlanta, and I think these teams are trying to break a draft speed record. Now ATL is playing slow down… shot clock!

Players from three different countries have now been drafted (CAN, USA, AUS). Matt Clarkson goes to @Florida_Launch. Now they pick again.

FLA takes Kevin Randall at #22. Um, he could be awesome. Denver is now up, they take… their time. And Tom Kelly.

The @BostonCannons take Andrew Sellers. His draft number was 1044 in case you were interested. Ohio is now on the clock.

Matt Harris to @MachineMLL. I bet they have a graphic of him does up already. Gross thinks it’s Thomas Harris. Matt Harris from IL. Not Tom.

Brian Megill goes to New York to end the 3rd round. He could play there. Atlanta starts off the fourth rd. They take Pat Resch at #28

1 and only @SKeogh28 goes to @CharlotteMLL with the 29th pick. Lots of box love so far from all over. Dan Epp goes to FLA with #30.

TRADE! CHE trades with DEN. Or do they? They do via fax. Clock is moving! OMG. Trade good to go.

CHE gives 31st pick to DEN, CHE gets @AnthonyKelly34! Woah, that was actually a big trade. DEN takes Ryan LaPlante. Good pick!

Now @DenverOutlaws picks again. Not sure why the traded up, but the take Greg Melaugh and it makes sense. they got two good guys.

Boston takes Mike Begley, and Ohio @MachineMLL are on clock and making custom images as we speak for… Adam Fullerton! love it.

And then draft went quiet. Mark Cockerton to @RattlersLax breaks the silence. NY picks to close out the 4th round: Steve Dircks! workhorse

5th Round, give me something good. Draft an italian!

David Planning goes to Atlanta, and FLA takes @j_thompson74 IMMEDIATELY. Hiana must be next! DO IT FLA!

Sam Snow, 1090, goes to Ohio. He can ball. CHE on clock now, takes Joe McKallen. I spelled that wrong for sure.

CHA takes Pierce Bassett. Goalie time. Now Boston is up. They take Beau Wood, who played locally at @TuftsLacrosse and scored lots of GOALS.

Chris Picarelli goes to Ohio. His number was 911, which is appropriate b/c this draft is on fire. Terrible.

Legend Striebel goes to @RattlersLax and then @Cjamieson88 goes to NY. Woah. Hot pick city.

The silence is deafening. The feedback isn’t pleasant either. Josh @JoshAmidon goes to Atlanta at #46. Gross seems tired now.

WHO WILL CHA PICK??? Alex Zommerfeldt, spelled wrong? probably. But I tried and that’s something. Robert “Bobby” Datillo goes to Roch.

Matt Bertrams goes to CHE. 50th pick is Denver’s, they take… Brian Kormundy – big dude, good stick.

Boston selects big body goalie Jack Runkel quickly and the clock moves on for all men, this time to Ohio. SOme chimes just sounded somewhere

Ohio takes Brandon Mangan. I want more of those chimes. Soothing sounds.

Henry Commetti goes to ROCH. NY lines up Mike Kimmel with the very next pick. Hop, stop, and roll. 6th round is done.

Johnny Rodriguez goes to ATL, and we get… MORE CHIMES! @CharlotteMLL takes Steven Ianzito.

CHA takes Pat Farrell. CHE is up next. They take Rob Guida. Denver then picks… Knute Kraus!

BOS takes Greg @copperheads_14 Rogowski. ‘Mack alum, @VoyageursLAX fixture. Sean Maher goes to Ohio.

He was number 711, like the store. Classic @JoeSpallina

Matt Poillon goes to Atlanta, and CHA is now up. Joe Meuer goes there. FLA is on clock and take… John Ortolani. FOGO @EndicottMLAX

Quentin “Kip” Turner goes next to CHE, feedback, then DEN takes Austin Geisler. 2 goalies in a row.

Boston takes Ryan Hollenbaugh, Ohio takes Tim Cox. Steven Boyle goes to Rochester.

NY slows it down, beepboop. Bo Stafford goes to the @LizardsLacrosse

8th round now over, ATL has the 73rd pick to open the 9th round. Geoff Snider is their choice! Tell them what they’ve won!

CHA takes Todd Heritage and @Florida_Launch takes Duncan Clancy. Jacksonville grad with the quickness.

CHE takes Andrew Casimir I think. Or Cassner. Is there a Cassner? Is that a real name?

Denver takes @ZackGreer88 and many people’s predictions came true. Boston takes Sean Loughton.

Dylan Levings goes to Ohio, @RattlersLax take someone. Soon. like in a minute.

Cam @cflinty18 Flint goes to NY. I like that.

Atlanta takes Chase Carraro. cool. Charlotte goes with Billy Ward. cool also.

Mark McNeill goes to FLA at #84. @TheBayhawks up next and go with Alex Love. Ches is RIGHT BACK ON THE CLOCK! Ed Castranova is picked.

Mike Maggio goes next to Boston. Then Kevin Kelly from NJ (not CT) is picked by Ohio.

Matt Miller goes to @RattlersLax and NY is on the clock. I clearly like typing “on the clock”. They take Adam Rand!

Pick #91, first of the 11th Rd sees Brendan Porter head to ATL.

Denver takes Andrew Hodgson, Boston takes Eric Hagarty. See @donahueref? Told you! @ZNasty4point5 goes to Ohio next.

Brendan Seiler goes to @RattlersLax and NY finishes up yet another round with their pick. @JoeSpallina and co go with Sean Brady.

Atlanta takes Brian Cooper to start the final round. @CharlotteMLL follow up with Greg Edmonds.

Gross is re-energized as @Florida_Launch goes with Conor Hunt. @TheBayhawks go with Ray Megill immediately.

Denver picks up Chris Conroy, and @BostonCannons decide to take TA Demoulas. Ohio goes with Steven Romano.

TIm Harder goes to @RattlersLax and New York wraps things up with Chris Madalon! If Madalon ever wins an MLL MVP, talk about a story.

Now teams will pick up some extra guys if they have the room on their roster. Does ATL have 32 or 33? FLA has 34? Sorting it out…

still sorting out how many players each team actually has. Totally fair. Draft was rapid. FLA is good to go, ATL is… not settled.

Ok, we’re set! I think. Now Ohio has either 32 or 31 players. Honestly, I think this is interesting and awesome to listen in on.

No league gives access like this. Personally, I like it, and others will not like it, but still…

Atlanta takes Drew Kennedy and now they have 33 dudes on their blazing roster.

Chris May goes to Denver. Boston gets to 33 with Spencer Schnell.

Ohio is now at 33 guys by taking Ty Souders. Huh, not a bad pick up, maybe. Rochester also goes to 33 with Jason Lashomb.

Max VB goes to New York and the Lizards are at 35 players ready to wear neon green.

Mike O’Neil goes to CHE. DEN goes to 31 criminals with Nick Contino. Boston goes to 33 with Tom Compitello. SeaWolves in the house.

Ohio goes with Reagan Harding. Rochester takes Kyle Van Thoff. Atlanta had 34, so they take John Gill. CHE adds Joe Lustgarden

If I misspelled your name, and I likely did, I am sorry. Joe Karopi selected by Denver. NO WAY I got that right.

Boston takes Harrison Cotter and now the Cannons have blown their way through the draft.

Lee Coppersmith gets picked up by Ohio, and the Machine is as oiled up as it gets. Mike Tota goes next to Rochester.

A delivery came so I missed a few, then Carson Cannon went to Denver. Michael Richards then went to Denver. DRAFT DONE

Trades and collegiate drafts will shuffle things further, but here we are.

You read it, you can’t unread it.