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2016 Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament
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2016 Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tourney – Video & Results

The 2016 Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament went off without a hitch, and three champions were crowned this year, instead of the usual two! In addition to the men’s and women’s open divisions, there was also a first-time 35+ Master’s men’s division, which I played in, because I am old now. Someone told me I was fast, and I hadn’t heard that in years, so it was nice being a “young” guy again!

The Men’s Elite featured two five team divisions, and the top team from each division would play on Sunday in the finals. The Salt Shakerz went 3-0 in division and earned a berth on one side, while UVA Club and Pensacola Riptide both went 3-0 in the other division. Pensacola got the nod for goal differential, and UVA Club dominated their Sunday morning game, to finish strong.

In the finals, the game was physical from the start, and it looked to be competitive early on, but the Shakerz really put on a show on both ends of the field, scoring pretty goals, and playing tough on D. I’d tell you more, but you can watch pretty much the whole thing below! There is even some commentary from yours truly…

2016 Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tourney – Elite Finals

The Central Cougars took the women’s title, dominating play over Wisconsin and UVA Women’s Club teams. Each of these teams played two games in round robin play, with UVA getting a third shot against the Central Cougars on Sunday. The Cougars pulled out a 12-6 win to recapture a title they have won in many years past. The women’s tourney was small, but fun, and with another team or two next year, it could get even better!

Over on the men’s 35+ Master’s side, you had four teams – Legacy Meats from Long Island, Chesapeake Raiders from Maryland, a Pensacola Riptide Master’s team, and home squad from the New Orleans Lacrosse Club. NOLC and Pensacola played a good game on Saturday, and then another on Sunday, while Chesapeake and Long Island matched up in the finals, finishing 1 and 2 respectively.

Again, no need to describe the finals, which Legacy Meats won handily, because I have video of most of the game. Less commentary on this one. I did them both alone (filmed, commentary, etc) and I was exhausted, ok?

2016 Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tourney – Master’s Finals

A special shout out goes to the entire Pensacola Riptide program for a couple of reasons: 1) A bunch of their guys played elite AND master’s. Impressive! 2) This group is all about supporting John Michael, the Florida lacrosse player battling a rare brain injury. Below you can see them all throwing up the #24 in support of John.


The games on the field can get intense, and the refs really tend to let the players play, but the atmosphere in New Orleans is always congenial and a ton of fun. If you’re thinking about bringing a team down for 2017, stop thinking about it and DO IT! You won’t regret the decision to come, even if you regret some of the decisions you make when you’re in the Big Easy.