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2018 Lacrosse Mascots – Laxcots Now Available!

Jim Fenzel did a series of amazing lacrosse cartoons last season, and he wants to keep it going this year, and even take it up a level or two. In order to do this, he needs some funding (this stuff needs to be free and available for the people!), but instead of just asking you for money, he’s offering up a very trade, where you end up with an amazing collection of lacrosse mascots, which you can stick ANYWHERE!

As you can see in the main image, if you support Mr. Fenzel’s work, you will get 12 die-cut lacrosse stickers from Jim. And on top of that, you will also get to see lacrosse cartoons each week of the season! Here is our first lacrosse cartoon of the year:

jim fenzel lacrosse cartoon laxcots

2018 Lacrosse Mascots (Laxcots) Project

To support Jim’s work, and to pick up some swaggy lacrosse stickers, check out Jim Fenzel’s KickStarter page, and make a donation! Value artists, especially when they value lacrosse!

The Kickstarter was a success!

If you missed out on it, you can still pick up Laxcots sticker sets HERE!

Here are a couple shots of two of the mascots in a little more detail:

lacrosse mascots

You can also check out Jim’s other work, HERE.

And on top of that, you can scroll through last year’s cartoons HERE. We really looked forward to these each and every week, and we’re hoping the community feels the same way and gets on board in a big way! Who doesn’t love cartoons?

Whether you’re sticking these on your helmet, car window, desk, or computer, they’ll last, and they will let everyone know just who you’re rooting for. If it goes well, maybe we’ll see some other mascots emerge as the season progresses, and new team emerge as contenders. I wouldn’t bet against it!

Jim loves lacrosse, and he loves covering the sport through an artistic lens each and every week. Show your appreciation and support, and make it happen for 2018. ALSO YOU GET STICKERS!!!!