2018 MLL Draft - Trevor Baptiste picked first
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2018 MLL Draft Results: Baptiste Picked First

The 2018 MLL Draft took place last night at U.S. Lacrosse headquarters in Maryland, and surprise-surprise, face-off midfielder Trevor Baptiste was the first pick!

It feels great. It’s a huge honor. I’m really excited to be able to play at the next level. I’m also definitely not overlooking the rest of the season here at DU.

– Baptiste to Lax Sports Net shortly after being selected first overall in the 2018 MLL Draft

Let’s take a complete look at the results of the collegiate 2018 MLL draft below…

2018 MLL DRAFT: Round by Round

Pick Team Name Pos College


1) BOS Trevor Baptiste FO Denver

2) ATL Connor Kelly M Maryland

3) CHA Connor Fields A Albany

4) DAL Ben Reeves A Yale

5) NYL Joel Tinney M Johns Hopkins

6) CHE Sean Mayle M Denver

7) FLA Jules Heninburg A Rutgers

8) DEN Connor Keating D Penn

9) OHM Justin Guterding A Duke


10) ATL Kyle Mcclaney M Albany

11) FLA Tyler Warner M Yale

12) CHA Tim Rotanz M Maryland

13) CHE Ian MacKay M Vermont

14) CHA Ben Randall D Ohio State

15) OHM Bryce Young D Maryland

16) FLA Michael Rexrode D Rutgers

17) DEN Peter Conley A Duke

18) DAL John Sexton M Notre Dame


19) BOS Will Sands A Bucknell

20) ATL Austin Sims M Princeton

21) CHA Morgan Cheek A Harvard

22) OHM Christian Mazzone M Rutgers

23) DAL Chris Keating D Yale

24) FLA Jake Miller D Brown

25) DEN Foster Huggins D Loyola

26) BOS Tom Kennedy M Bryant

27) NYL Troy Reh D Albany


28) CHA Scott Hooper D Virginia

29) DEN Chris Cloutier A UNC

30) CHA Noah Rak M UMass

31) OHM Kenny Massa FO Bryant

32) ATL Christian Cuccinello A Villanova

33) DAL Jordan Dowiak M Cornell

34) FLA Jack Concannon G Hofstra

35) DEN Chase Young M Michigan

36) OHM Carlson Milikin M Notre Dame


37) DAL Sean O’Brien M Bucknell

38) ATL Griffin Feiner M Hartford

39) CHA Jason Alessi M Yale

40) ATL Hunter Forbes FO Jacksonville

41) NYL Conor Mackie M Yale

42) CHE Ryan Hursey M Georgetown

43) FLA Greg Weyl D Mercyhurst

44) DEN Matt Gilray M Bucknell

45) OHM Zach Bryant D Robert Morris


46) BOS Kevin McGeary M Penn

47) ATL Erik Evans D Ohio State

48) CHA Adam DiMillo M Maryland

49) CHE Shack Stanwick A Johns Hopkins

50) NYL Dan Morris G Maryland

51) ATL Will McBride M UNC

52) FLA Ryan Beville M Jacksonville

53) DEN Connor O’Hara A Bucknell

54) OHM Ryan Keenan M Penn State


55) BOS Anthony Johnson D Bryant

56) ATL Jack Korzelius M Dartmouth

57) CHA James Barclay D Providence

58) CHE Kyle Tucker D Salisbury

59) NYL Justin Reh A Albany

60) DAL McLean Chicquen M Jacksonville

61) FLA Jerry O’Connor D Yale

62) DEN Bryce Wasserman A Monmouth

63) DAL Hunter Moreland FO Johns Hopkins


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