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2020 Product Testers: Join The Club

2020 Product Tester: Join The Club

Calling all players and coaches — do you keep your finger on the pulse of the gear scene? We want to make you a product tester on the Lacrosse All Stars team.

Help grow the game by sharing your expertise.

Nobody knows the game better than the players and coaches who experience it daily. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bo-Mer manufacturing to enlist 2020 of you in our new Product Testing Club. Your input and knowledge will help us improve products while lowering prices to help grow the game!

What to expect as a product tester:

  • Access new items pre-release
  • Test and report on usage
  • Inspire upgrades & new ideas
  • Direct future product designs
  • Claim 25% off any new version

Our first product is the FlexForce, which was invented to restore warped lacrosse heads. Warped heads are typically caused by physical play on the field — especially at the face-off position and in box lacrosse action — and inconvenient equipment transportation during warm temperatures. This device helps an athlete or coach reshape the plastic lacrosse head gently and in a restrictive fashion that tempers the risk of breakage.

Made with a Polycarbonate and ABS mix to be extremely durable and heat resistant, the FlexForce costs $20 and includes free shipping.

Be first to try it & connect directly with the engineers!

Become a product tester now:

Step 1) Complete the following form:

Step 2) Check your email for next steps about joining the club!

Bonus — Product testers receive 50% off new upcoming LAS apparel.

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