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2020 tewaaraton award
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2020 Tewaaraton Award Ceremony Updates

In light of the canceled NCAA lacrosse season, the Tewaaraton Foundation has announced updates to the 2020 Tewaaraton Award, including publication of the final 2020 Tewaaraton Award Watch Lists for the best men’s and women’s college lacrosse players of the year.

The Tewaaraton Award annual ceremony that was scheduled for May 28 at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., will not be held, and no college awards will be presented in 2020. And while the Foundation will also postpone recognition of the Legends and Spirit honorees until 2021, plans will continue to award the 2020 Tewaaraton Native American Scholarships, presented by US Lacrosse.

The final 2020 Tewaaraton Watch Lists include the top student-athletes in NCAA lacrosse this season, including the initial preseason lists and the first round of additions on March 11.

There is disappointment throughout college lacrosse and, in particular, those who are seniors who will not return. This was to be our 20th Tewaaraton Award Ceremony and while we share in the disappointment, we also hope our achievement of 20 years following our first 2001 event serves as a reminder of how we will look ahead. We take this opportunity to acknowledge and honor all the 2020 graduates for their dedication and passion for the sport of lacrosse.

– Jeffrey Harvey, chairman of the Tewaaraton Foundation

In January, the foundation announced Bill Belichick as the 2020 Spirit of Tewaaraton recipient and Kelly Amonte Hiller and Dave Pietramala as the 2020 Legends Award honorees. All three will be honored at the 2021 Award Ceremony scheduled for June 3, 2021, which is the Thursday after the NCAA Championships.

Continuing in 2020 are the Tewaaraton Native American Scholarships, which are awarded to one male and one female student each year, honoring high school players of Haudenosaunee heritage who demonstrate academic excellence, and exemplify high character and leadership both on and off the lacrosse field. Applicants are to submit an essayby April 30 describing what the sport of lacrosse means to them as Native American student-athletes and members of their communities, as well as provide two letters of recommendation and a high school transcript.

The Tewaaraton Award annually honors the top male and female college lacrosse player in the United States. The selection committees are comprised of premier college coaches and are appointed annually by the Tewaaraton Foundation.

Men’s List^
Mike Adler*, St. Joseph’s – Sr., Goalie
Dox Aitken, Virginia – Sr., Midfield
Grant Ament, Penn State – Sr., Attack
Dylan Beckwith*, Fairfield – Sr., Attack
Jared Bernhardt, Maryland – Sr., Attack
Charlie Bertrand, Merrimack – Sr., Attack
Reid Bowering*, Drexel – Sr., Attack
Jake Carraway, Georgetown – Sr., Attack
Jared Conners, Virginia – Sr., Defense
Bryan Costabile, Notre Dame – Sr., Midfield
Matt DeLuca, Delaware – Sr., Goalie
Conor Gaffney, Lehigh – Sr., Face Off
Kyle Gallagher*, Penn – Sr., Face Off
Matt Gaudet, Yale – Sr., Attack
JT Giles-Harris, Duke – Sr., Defense
Phil Goss, Brown – Sr., Goalie
Eric Holden , Hobart – Sr., Attack
TD Ierlan, Yale – Sr., Face Off
Jack Kielty, Notre Dame – Sr., Defense
Connor Kirst, Villanova – Sr., Midfield
Charlie Kitchen, Delaware – Sr., Attack
Michael Kraus, Virginia – Sr., Attack
Tre Leclaire, Ohio State – Sr., Attack
Danny Logan, Denver – Sr., SSDM
Ryan McNulty, Loyola – Sr., LSM
Nick Mellen, Syracuse – Sr., Defense
Jackson Morrill, Yale – Sr., Attack
Kieran Mullins, Rutgers – Sr., Attack
Mac O’Keefe, Penn State – Sr., Attack
William Perry, North Carolina – Sr., Midfield
Andrew Pettit, Lehigh – Sr., Attack
Drake Porter*, Syracuse – Sr., Goalie
Michael Sowers, Princeton – Sr., Attack
Jeff Teat, Cornell – Sr., Attack
Ryan Terefenko, Ohio State – Sr., Midfield
Ryan Tierney, Hofstra – Sr., Attack
Jamie Trimboli*, Syracuse – Sr., Midfield
Ethan Walker, Denver – Sr., Attack Will
Yorke*, Bucknell – Sr., Attack
Ryan Lanchbury, Richmond – Jr. , Attack
George Baughan*, Princeton – Jr., Defense
Adam Charalambides, Rutgers – Jr., Attack
Brendan Curry, Syracuse – Jr., Midfield
Bubba Fairman, Maryland – Jr., Midfield
Chris Fake, Yale – Jr., Defense
Chris Gray, North Carolina – Jr., Attack
Jack Hannah*, Denver – Jr., Midfield
Kevin Lindley, Loyola – Jr., Attack
Sean Lulley*, Penn – Jr., Attack
Owen McElroy*, Georgetown – Jr., Goalie
Nakeie Montgomery, Duke – Jr., Midfield
Matt Moore, Virginia – Jr., Attack
Tahoka Nanticoke*, Albany – Jr., Attack
Asher Nolting, High Point – Jr., Attack
Marc O’Rourke*, Bryant – Jr., Attack
John Piatelli*, Cornell – Jr., Attack
Gibson Smith, Georgetown – Jr., Defense
Koby Smith, Towson – Jr., Defense
Logan Wisnauskas, Maryland – Jr., Attack
Zach Cole*, St. Joseph’s – Soph., Face Off
Tucker Dordevic, Syracuse – Soph., Midfield
Joey Epstein, Johns Hopkins – Soph., Attack
Sean Goldsmith*, Mercer – Soph., Attack
Sam Handley, Pennsylvania – Soph., Midfield
Jason Knox*, Hobart – Soph., Attack
Brendan Nichtern, Army – Soph., Attack
Chase Scanlan, Syracuse – Soph., Attack
Tommy Schelling*, Lehigh – Soph., Attack
Wyatt Schupler*, Army – Soph., Goalie
Dyson Williams*, Duke – Fr., Attack

^ Players are in alphabetical order by class * Denotes player added March 11

Women’s List^
Erin Barry, Pennsylvania – Sr., Midfield
Katie Bourque*, Dartmouth – Sr., Attack
Savannah Buchanan, Notre Dame – Sr., Midfield
Madison Carter, Penn State – Sr., Attack
Samantha Chenoweth , Towson – Sr., Defense
Tess D’Orsi, Princeton – Sr., Attack
Sondra Dickey*, Lehigh – Sr., Midfield
Meghan Doherty, Maryland – Sr., Defense
Molly Garrett, Michigan – Sr., Midfield
Brindi Griffin, Maryland – Sr., Attack
Kali Hartshorn, Maryland – Sr., Attack
Emily Hawryschuk, Syracuse – Sr., Attack
Katie Hoeg, North Carolina – Sr., Attack
Ally Kennedy, Stony Brook – Sr., Midfield
Kelly Larkin, Navy (U.S. Naval Academy) – Sr., Attack
Molly Little, Denver – Sr., Defense
Lindsey McKone, Northwestern – Sr., Attack
Kerrigan Miller, USC – Sr., Midfield
Sammy Mueller, Virginia – Sr., Midfield
Taryn Ohlmiller, Stony Brook – Sr., Attack
Alyssa Parrella, Hofstra – Sr., Midfield
Courtney Patterson, Gettysburg – Sr., Midfield
Kole Pollock, Adelphi – Sr., Attack
Sheila Rietano, Boston College – Sr., Midfield
Kathleen Roe*, Notre Dame – Sr., Defense
Gabby Rosenzweig, Pennsylvania – Sr., Attack
Maggie Schneidereith, Johns Hopkins – Sr., Attack
Cara Trombetta, Florida – Sr., Defense
Cara Urbank, Boston College – Sr., Attack
Andie Aldave, Notre Dame – Jr., Midfield
Ali Baiocco, Stanford – Jr., Attack
Bridget Deehan*, Notre Dame – Jr., Goalie
Molly Dougherty, James Madison – Jr., Goalie
Sam Fiedler, Loyola Maryland – Jr., Midfield
Sam Fish, Princeton – Jr., Goalie
Sam Geiersbach, Richmond – Jr., Attack
Lauren Gilbert, Northwestern – Jr., Attack
Grace Griffin, Maryland – Jr., Midfield
Scottie Rose Growney*, North Carolina – Jr., Midfield
Riley Hertford, USC – Jr., Goalie
Quintin Hoch-Bullen, Denver – Jr., Attack
Abby Hormes, High Point – Jr., Attack
Maddie Howe, Notre Dame – Jr., Attack
Shannon Kavanagh, Florida – Jr., Midfield
Taylor Moreno, North Carolina – Jr., Goalie
Risa Mosenthal, Brown – Jr., Attack
Caitlin Muir, Michigan – Jr., Attack
Charlotte North, Boston College – Jr., Attack
Jamie Ortega, North Carolina – Jr., Attack
Paige Petty, Virginia Tech – Jr., Midfield
Livy Rosenzweig, Loyola Maryland – Jr., Attack
Kyla Sears, Princeton – Jr., Attack
Emma Trenchard, North Carolina – Jr., Defense
Sarah Cooper, Syracuse – Soph., Defense
Katie Detwiler*, Loyola Maryland – Soph., Defense
Izzy Scane, Northwestern – Soph., Attack

^ Players are in alphabetical order by class * Denotes player added March 11