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2023 PLL Mock College Draft

Lacrosse fans rejoice; the Premier Lacrosse League season is right around the corner, starting with the 2023 PLL College Draft tonight at 7:00 pm on ESPNU. This year’s incoming draft class is highlighted by defense, but the talent pool is loaded across the board. How about a quick four-round PLL Mock Draft to get us started? Let’s dive in.

Round 1

Pick 1 (Atlas): Tucker Dordevic (A/M,-Georgetown/Syracuse)

When I think of a pro-ready player, I think of Dordevic’s game. He was an all-American in college in two different positions. A chameleon who can shoot, dodge, and feed. He fits anywhere on this already-loaded Atlas offense.

Pick 2 (Redwoods): Sam Handley (Midfield-Penn)

The Redwoods add another Ford diesel truck to their midfield. Handley is the best athlete in this class and will find ways to be impactful the first day he steps on a pro field. If Handley does go first overall, I would not be surprised to see the Redwoods trade out of this pick.

Pick 3 (Atlas): Will Bowen (Defense-Georgetown/UNC)

After adding to their offense with the first overall pick, they add to the defense by grabbing the best one in the class. At 6’ 3” and 220lbs, Bowen is built like a PLL No.1 defenseman and has played like one throughout his college career.

Pick 4 (Chrome): Brett Makar (Defense-Maryland)

Chrome grab another #1 from Maryland, this time on the defensive side. Makar is a complete defenseman who can cover, guard off-ball, and isn’t afraid to clear the ball while joining transition. This Chrome defense continues to get younger and more dangerous.

Pick 5 (Archers): Mike Sisselberger (Faceoff-Lehigh)

The glaring need on a loaded Archers team is the face-off position. They address it immediately in this draft. Sisselberger is built like the next PLL faceoff star. He wrestled Division 1 at Lehigh this year on top of playing lacrosse. The Archers made flashy moves in free agency on the offensive side of the ball; now they have their specialist to give that offense more opportunities.

Pick 6 (Cannons Acquire Whipsnakes Pick): Gavin Adler (Defense-Cornell)

The old Cannons regime was open about making trades; based on the busy free agency period and urgency amongst the coaches, I would not be surprised to see the same plan of action pan out this PLL Draft. The Cannons send the #9 overall pick in this year’s draft along with a 2024 3rd-round pick to move up and draft a centerpiece for their defensive unit. Tape on Adler is hard to come by because he is rarely dodged on. He very well could be the best defensive player in the PLL Draft.

Pick 7 (Chaos): Thomas McConvey (Midfield-Virginia/Vermont)

After losing a few key offensive players in free agency, they fill the void in the lefty spot here. McConvey has proved at the collegiate level he can fit in any role. At Vermont, he was an America East Player of the Year, drawing all the attention on the scouting report as the No.1 option. At Virginia this year, he has excelled in a more complementary role on a loaded Cavalier offense.

Pick 8 (Waterdogs): Payton Rezanka (SSDM-Loyola)

The defending champions lost two pieces to retirement this year with attackmen Ryan Brown and SSDM Steven Denapoli. With the best SSDM in the draft falling to them, they get the luxury of replacing the latter. Rezanka is the SSDM who is avoided by offensive schemes, one of the most challenging positions in lacrosse. I believe Rezanka can continue to be a lock down SSDM.

Round 2

Pick 1 (Whipsnakes Acquire Cannons Pick): Matt Campbell (Midfield-Villanova)

After trading out of the first round, the Whipsnakes still land a blue-chance talent to continue to add to their offensive midfielder arsenal. Campbell can fit in anywhere in this Whipsnakes offense.

Pick 2 (Redwoods): Owen Grant (Defense-Delaware)

Addressing the offense in the first round, Redwoods now add a defensive piece with day-one starting potential. On tape, Grant is the flashiest defenseman in the draft, with a nasty array of checks and slick ball handling.

Pick 3 (Chaos Acquire Atlas Pick): Zach Cole (Faceoff-Saint Joseph’s)

The Chaos adds another faceoff specialist. Cole enjoyed a dominant career at Saint Joseph’s and has a style that translates well to the PLL. Chaos sends this year’s #17 pick a 2024 3rd-round pick to move up and grab Cole.

Pick 4 (Chrome): Jeff Conner (Attack/Midfield-Virginia)

Conner is a proper two-way midfielder who fits the mold of this Chrome team. He has shown throughout his UVA career that he can take over the game on both sides of the field.

Pick 5 (Archers): Alex Mazzone (Defense-Georgetown/Hopkins)

The Archers grab the best defenseman available for depth. Like the former Archers star Scott Ratliff, who retired this past season, he can play LSM or close.

Pick 6 (Whipsnakes): Jack Myers (Attack-Ohio State)

Myers proved to be one of the most dangerous players in college lacrosse this year. A balanced game with excelled shooting and dodging. He gets paired up with his former college teammate Jackson Reid on the Whipsnakes.

Pick 7 (Chaos): Garrett Leadmon (Midfield-Duke)

Bursting on the scene in 2023, Leadmon looks like a prototype PLL two-way midfielder. He can bolster Chaos’s transition game and fill the void left by losing Challen Rogers in free agency.

Pick 8 (Waterdogs): Xander Dickson (Attack/Midfield-Virginia)

Being crowned as the off-ball king in college lacrosse this season, every PLL offense can use players who change games without the ball in their stick. With feeders across the board for the Waterdogs, this feels like a perfect fit.

Round 3

Pick 1 (Atlas Acquire Chaos Pick): Brian Tevlin (SSDM-Notre Dame/Yale)

Pick 2 (Redwoods): Quinn McMahon (SSDM-Notre Dame)

Pick 3 (Atlas): Tye Kurtz (Attack-Delaware)

Pick 4 (Chrome): Chris Fake (Defense-Notre Dame/Yale)

Pick 5 (Archers): Brian Minicus (Attack-Georgetown/Colgate)

Pick 6 (Whipsnakes): Petey Lasalla (Faceoff-Virginia)

Pick 7 (Chaos): Levi Anderson (Attack/Midfield-Saint Joseph’s)

Pick 8 (Waterdogs): Dyson Williams (Attack-Duke)

Round 4

Pick 1 (Cannons): Chet Comizio (SSDM-Villanova)

Pick 2 (Redwoods): Elijah Gash (LSM-Albany)

Pick 3 (Atlas): Sean Goldsmith (Attack/Midfield-UNC/Mercer)

Pick 4 (Chrome): Cade Saustad (Defense-Virginia)

Pick 5 (Archers): Dylan Gergar (Attack-Penn)

Pick 6 (Whipsnakes): John Geppert (LSM-Maryland)

Pick 7 (Chaos): Connor Maher (SSDM-UNC)

Pick 8 (Waterdogs): James Reilly (Faceoff-Georgetown)