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33% Off Grow The Game Tees In August!

We usually sell our Grow The Game T-shirts for $15, which is pretty affordable!  But for the rest of the month of August we’re going to sell them at a 33% percent discount, for only $10.  Why?  Why Not!  August is as good a month as any to Grow The Game and tell the world you’re doing so.

Our GTG T-shirts can also get you on LaxAllStars if you send in a Grow The Game sighting.  Most people have cameras attached to their phones, so it’s easy!

Simple, honest and awesome. GTG.

Don’t let the dog days of Summer get you down.  Get your new favorite T-shirt, put it on, go out and find someone who has never played lax before… and bring them over to the light side of the force!  It’s GTG time baby!

Check out our Grow The Game T-Shirts for only $10 during the month of August!