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412 Lax: Simba Of Pride Rock

Peter Tumbas got to convo going on BYU and much more.
Peter Tumbas got the convo going on BYU and much more.

Peter had some notes on the recent lax news at Pitt and beyond:

  • It’s a practice night in Pittsburgh. Lots and lots to cover before our next scrimmage
  • We order our new helmets Wednesday. Can’t wait to show those off to the blogosphere. I continue to make amendments to last year’s rules. But, I hated last year so anything to make me forget is good.
  • WCLL Preseason Polls
  • Duluth’s 2010 schedule is unreal, Lindenwood, Arizona State, California, Michigan, Colorado State, Colorado. Challenge accepted by Coach Graff’s team
  • I slashed someone at the scrimmage this weekend. The player I slashed did the meathead call of “that feels good” then the ref had a difficult time saying #71 1 minute for slashing. Awkward moments.
  • Someone said this on the Laxpower forums in regards to Denison scrimmaging Michigan, we shall see: Denison is a top 10 D3 team. No way would a club team come in [and] compete with them.
  • Notes on Robert Morris at the Catamount Classic. Very smart tournament for RMU to attend as it gives their brand/program exposure to the New England area, even though they are still heartbroken over the Patriots and Red Sox.

Check out the full post for all of the thoughts from 412 land and get in on the conversation.