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5 Heads To Watch In 2013

Last week I came up with what I judged to be the Top 5 Heads from 2012, basing my nominations on what college players actually used last season. I also included a number of other heads that I thought could see an uptick in popularity in 2013, and almost every major brand had at least one head named. Has parity for lacrosse heads finally arrived?

So in addition to the Top 5 of 2012, and the heads that could see an uptick, let’s take a look at five heads that have the potential to really take off in 2013:

5) Hammer by STX Lacrosse

All of sudden the Edge isn’t THE go-to stick for defenders? If there is a head on the market that suits the purposes a big, strong defender better than the Hammer, then please let me know what it is. This stick is built to give, and take, abuse, has a wide face, and will be a GB vacuum. Expect college defenders on STX teams to love this one.

4) M80 by Warrior Lacrosse

The M80 definitely has some followers already, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple more big-time college attackmen make the switch over. It’s light, the plastic is as cut away as possible and has plenty of stringing options. It’s still pretty stiff, but has a nice flex, and could even get some use by FoGos.

NYC dye on a Warrior M80 HS spec head.

3) 9K by Reebok Lacrosse

Reebok heads have never made a big splash in the ranks of the NCAA. Maybe it’s because so few teams have ever been Reebok teams? With one of the Ivy’s dark horses making the move over to the ‘bok however, this could be the year we see 9K heads in a lot more hands. It’s a solid stick, well-suited for D1 play. I’m surprised more players haven’t opted for it, or its little brother, the 6K, already.

Reebok 9K Lacrosse Head

2) Recon XL by Gait Lacrosse

Gait has revamped their heads in a major way and gotten back to basics, while still staying aggressive where they can. The Recon XL is probably the most flexible head out of all the heads I’ve named, but it pops right back into shape and for a player that likes a little flex, it is ideal. Easy to string, super light, and another solid offering from Gait, in addition to the Torque series.

Gait Recon XL Lacrosse Head

1) Stallion by STX Lacrosse

This is the only non-NCAA legal head on the list. But it’s good! Other than goalies, there isn’t a single position on the field that can’t use a Stallion, well other than every college team. It’s stiff and strong enough for many defenders, it’s an all-around midfielder’s dream, works for attackmen, and could even be the weapon of choice for some FoGos. For this “multi-purpose” reason it is either going to be really popular, or a flop, but I’m thinking it’s going to be the former.

The head can take a beating, is relatively light, and has a lot of stringing options, and as I mentioned above, it works in almost every situation. If only STX made a college legal version, the Stallion might even break into next year’s Top 5 heads.

If you had to name ONE head that you thought was going to take off this year, would it be any of the above? Or one from my 2012 Top 5 list? Or something else?

Sound off and let us hear your thoughts in the comments…