#LaxCon 2015 Us lacrosse convention in Philadelphia, PA
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Hot Pot: 5 Reasons To Go To LaxCon 2015

Are you looking for a reason to go to #LaxCon 2015? I’m about to hit you with 5 great reasons to attend the US Lacrosse Convention this year in Baltimore, MD. The event runs from January 23rd through the 25th, and as always, there is a lot to see and do! Let’s run through five of the big ticket LaxCon 2015 items!

LaxCon 2015 will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center.

1) Listen & Learn – Greatness Is There

If you head to LaxCon 2015 and you take in a couple of coaches’ talks, I can guarantee that you will learn something useful. Last year, I saw John Danowski of Duke and Dave Pietramala of Johns Hopkins give talks. The two focused on very different things, but both had a lot to talk about and a lot to offer the crowd.

If you go to LaxCon 2015, make sure you check out a couple of coaches’ talks. It will be well worth your time. As a coach, I used all three of the videos above, and it definitely made a difference for my team.

2) The Gear, The Wonderful Gear

If you want to see all the new gear for 2015, go to the US Lacrosse Convention. There is a vendor hall and all the big boys come and set up their mobile display shops. It’s a crazy mix of companies, from the biggest and most established to the new guys making shafts in his garage. Mesh, padding, sticks, shafts, apparel, bags, hammocks… LaxCon has it all.

This year there are a couple items of definite interest. Kacy Small’s CruzWorldCustoms will be there showing off his custom painted lacrosse gloves. STX should be there in force, and they will be showing off the Stallion helmet. If, like me, you haven’t actually seen one in person yet, this is exciting. Finally, be on the lookout for some of the smaller vendors and guys doing guerrilla marketing. The Art of Lax will have a huge booth, and we hear he has some interesting things in the works, so check them out for sure!

3) Exhibition Box Game

There will be an exhibition box lacrosse game on Saturday, January 24th. The game will be played at Meyers Pavillion (where the Baltimore Bombers played) and will feature the UnCommon Fit Laser Sharks matching up with the BILL (Baltimore Indoor Lacrosse League) All Stars. Yours truly is playing for the Laser Sharks, but I am NOT the honored guest for this event. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

The honored guest, who will be playing with the Laser Sharks as well, is Felix Nyeko of Uganda Lacrosse! Felix is coming to the US to attend LaxCon, and on his trip he is going to become the first Ugandan National to play box lacrosse… EVER! How cool is that? And maybe it will push the box game to a new continent… so come on out and support this game! Game starts at 8 or 830pm.

Myers Pavilion 4300 W Bay Ave., Brooklyn, Md 21225

4) The People You Will Meet

You can meet the biggest names at LaxCon, spend some time with them, and then leave this Earth as a happy person. Seriously, I’ve met more excellent people over the last couple of years at LaxCon than ever before. People want to talk, they want to be in the moment, and it’s a setting unlike anything else. Go for the product, stay for the people!

And then of course there is always stuff like this:

5) LaxCon 2015 –  The Place To Be!

You don’t want to be on social media all weekend saying to yourself, “I wish I had gone to LaxCon 2015”. That’s not a good look! So come on out, say hello to the LAS crew, and enjoy LaxCon 2015. It should be killer. Always is!