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5 Trick Shots To Practice This Summer

I am 31, and getting old. Therefore, because I am old, I would love nothing more than to sit in a rocking chair and yell at you about wall ball, overhand and fundamentals until your ears bleed. But thankfully for everyone involved, I’m not going to do that. At least not today.

Lacrosse legend Mike Powell has said if you’re working on your stick work and doing tricks, it’s certainly better than doing nothing at all.

Mike Powell LXM PRO
The Wizard himself   —  Photo by Kevin Rowen, Southland Lax

Running along that same line of thought, today I’m going to unleash Five Lacrosse Trick Shots on you, in hopes that you can use them as inspiration to find your own creative ways to take your game to a higher level. You may not ever use one of these in a game, but like MP says, it can help with hand-eye coordination and stick skills, so it’s not going to hurt!

1) The Around The World Shot

If you find the behind the back shot to be hard, the Around The World will be even harder. It’s like going backhand behind your back. If you decided to work on this shot a bit, you’ll definitely have to push the boundaries of your skill set. Cody Jamieson gives a great explanation on how the Around The World goes down:

2) Backwards, Between The Legs

People tend to focus on this shot for all the wrong reasons. Sure, it’s flashy and in-your-face, but it’s also requires a great deal of skill. It’s something that is used as a last resort – one of those plays you’ve started practicing because your overhand is just so good already. You must know where the goalie is, where three defenders are, and be able to place the shot without looking around much at all. This shot comes with practice and a high lacrosse IQ, so emulate Tim Desko and develop both:

3) Stick Juggling

Ok, it’s not so much a lacrosse shot, as it is a skill, but it’s still a fun, easy thing to practice in a small space, especially if you don’t have a goal. Best to take it outdoors though. Only Casey Powell and Brett Queener play wall ball inside. Want to be snag loose balls out of the air like a magician? If you can juggle them, you can catch them.

4) The One-Handed Shot

Again, people think this shot is all about flash, but it’s not. It’s all about ability and opportunity, and being able to take what the other team gives you, and then make them pay for it! We saw a number of one handed shots this year, but Zach Palmer‘s goal still stands out to me. He’s a smaller player so he’s not going to win with his size. However, he willl win with strength and stick skills. And that’s what matters. Work those muscles and control your wand. The one hand shot is magic when the opportunity is there!

5) Backhand/Shovel Goal

The backhand shot, or shovel shot as it was once called, is an underused move in lacrosse nowadays. It used to be commonplace in the game, but disappeared to a certain extent. Hopefully it’s making a comeback! You’re never going to beat a goalie on a shovel shot with power, but the element of surprise is there, and the shot tends to come from awkward angles. It’s all about being crafty and unpredictable!

You now have FIVE Trick Shots to work on this Summer. You may never actually use any of them in a game, but if you’re looking to mix up your training and have some fun, all while improving your relationship with your lacrosse stick, then these five trick shots should help you along your way.

On a side note, we were shocked to not find a SINGLE video of someone doing a backbreaker on YouTube. Are we the only ones who think that is a little bizarre? Or is the backbreaker just that rare?

Feel free to share some of your favorite trick shots in the comments section below!