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The 5th Quarter 88 Game - Jacksonville University
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The 5th Quarter

Happy Friday Everyone! Hopefully you’ve heard that we’re throwing the World’s Largest Outdoor Lacrosse Party today – complete with a 5th quarter – in advance of the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” tomorrow.  It’s a great weekend to work on our mental, physical, emotional and *eghem* spiritual health in South Florida.

Worlds Largest Outdoor Lacrosse Party - 5th Quarter 88 GameThe Florida Gators have got the Georgia Bulldogs coming down for one of the most celebrated rivalries in college football.  The Jacksonville University Dolphins lacrosse program has got a formidable set of opponents from the Major Lacrosse League to tangle with at our party.  We’ve got great sponsors here and the main event will be preceded by local youth match ups so if you are anywhere in the vicinity – please join us for a huge day.

5th Quarter 88 Game

The “5th Quarter 88 Game” will feature MLL professionals versus the Jacksonville Dolphins and we plan on having some fun with that one.  Coach “JG” and I got the boys inspired to play against the best in the game by summoning the spirit of one of the legends of our program.

Corey Lovrich only needed 2 seasons to be named Captain and make an impact on the JU lacrosse before he lost a hard-fought battle with colon cancer in 2012.  It was a very tragic loss for his family, for the world and for our program here in Jacksonville.

Corey was a leader from Long Beach, New York which I consider to be a very special part of my home state.  As you know we don’t forget about players with heart like Corey had – we honor them.  Daily. This young man was Cor-Strong.

Our team huddles break with a pumped up “88!” or “WIN THE DAY!” that will send chills down your spine. Those are tributes that Corey earned and we thank him for the strength he brings us. We will play the 5th quarter to honor him.

Coach Galloway and I plan on instilling Corey and #88 as cornerstones of the program.  The deeper our history goes, the better chance we have of getting outstanding lacrosse players from around the continent to be a part of it.  Corey would be proud to know he is having that kind of influence on our program. Don’t you think?


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