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60 Minutes with Paul Rabil

I spent 60 minutes with Paul Rabil earlier this week, and we had a stellar conversation about all things lacrosse! It’s Rabil time!

I spent 60 minutes with Paul Rabil earlier this week, and while we threw the rock around a little (obviously!), did some stick tricks, and got some coffee in Brooklyn, we also had a stellar conversation about all things lacrosse!

Paul and I talked about social media, how the lacrosse world has changed since we were growing up as kids, WINNING, being competitive, and so much more. It was in-depth, back and forth, and quite frankly, a LOT of fun for me. I think you’ll find our conversation interesting, so take some time to listen in and watch.

Paul wrote a bunch of great articles for us over the past month to give people a look into his life in lacrosse as well as help promote the Paul Rabil Experience. ALL of those posts are well worth checking out (links below the video!), and the video only adds to the perspective!

60 Minutes with Paul Rabil

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Check out Paul’s articles on for more on lacrosse, and how he got to where his today:

The Little Things: Paul Rabil’s Secret to Success

Stickwork Cannot Be Mastered

My Life as a Visual Learner

My First Club Lacrosse Experience

The Best Lacrosse Camp I Ever Attended

You can also read my article on why Paul was the Biggest Man at LaxCon this past year, if you’re looking for even more on the man that is Rabil. Thanks to Paul for getting involved with LAS, and sharing some of those amazing stories (above). It means a lot for a pro to take the time to share personal stories of triumph and tragedy, and Paul did so exceptionally well.

From playing multiple sports as a kid, to dreaming of the NBA, and THEN lacrosse, Paul has a unique experience to share with people. He provides a road map of success with the PRE, whether or not you follow it is up to you.

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