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8th grader plays varsity lacrosse
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8th Grader Plays Varsity Lacrosse, Dominates

This 8th grader plays varsity lacrosse, and he dominates!

Meet David Garcia, an 8th grader (for the 2014 season, which is last year) who played for Baldwin High School’s varsity lacrosse team last Spring out on lacrosse-crazy Long Island. Garcia is 5’7″ tall, weighs in at 135-140 pounds, plays midfield, took face offs, and got time playing both offense and defense, although he saw more time on the O end of the field.

While I couldn’t find overall stats for David, I did see one game where he had 2 goals and 2 assists… 4 points is not bad for an 8th grader playing varsity lacrosse no matter who it was against. Clearly, this kid can get the job done out there on the lacrosse field!

So now you want highlights… of course you do! And we have them for you below. But before we get to that, let’s describe each play from the tape in a couple of words. This is why David Garcia impresses us:

:20 Mark – great look to the point man after a draw win.
:30 Mark – trucks a high school kid who is a foot taller than him.
:40 Mark – outruns 2 high school players. Middle Schoolers should not be able to do that!
:50 Mark – can he make the back door pass? Yes, yes he can.
1:00 Mark – How about an inside game? Yup. Nice switch of hands before pass arrives.
1:10 Mark – How about move your feet defense? Yes, he does that too.
1:20 Mark – win a face off, create transition goal
1:40 Mark – can he pass lefty? Yes, he can even quick stick with his off hand.
1:55 Mark – he doesn’t shy away from contact… AND HE’S IN 8TH GRADE.

And then the varsity high school stuff ends and we get to some footage of Garcia playing against kids his age. It gets ugly quick. Dodge through three people? Sure. Dominate kids your own age? No problem. Rip from distance? Of course. Swim dodges on clears? Overhand shots on the run? Low to low rips? Yes, yes, and yes. I also love how at the 5:25 Mark he just harasses some kid until he gets the ball back. He’s a pest on D. That’s good stuff! Also loved the effort at the 6:05 Mark. Hustle, off hand, GB fight, bounce shot finish. Awesome.

Ok, NOW you can watch the video:

8th Grader Plays Varsity Lacrosse Video

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