Chris Rieley Collaboration: #TheGopherProject

chris rieley collaboration #thegopherproject

The idea for this week’s article dates back to this summer during a post-game conversation.  I was handed an amazingly strung wooden box stick from Chris Rieley and the idea dawned on me.  Chris and I should team up to string an open gut sidewall on a current head.  I dyed a True Key to […]

Breaking-In A Traditional Pocket, Part 2: #TheGopherProject

breaking-in a traditional pocket #thegopherproject

This week we’re going to revisit the STX Stallion Omega I strung up here.  Here the focus is on adjusting the pocket as it breaks in. This is Part 2 of breaking-in a traditional pocket. Breaking-In A Traditional Pocket, Part 2 Alright, here’s what you need: A strung traditional pocket  Patience…. So, let’s take a […]

Katie Facciola (aka Foss): Stringer Spotlight — #TheGopherProject

katie focciola foss stringer spotlight #thegopherproject

Welcome to the December spotlight!   When I first starting writing for Lacrosse All Stars, I wrote down about 15 folks in the community that I wanted to spotlight. Needless to say, Katie was high on the list. Honestly I had her pegged for February so we could do some Laxcon stuff for that.  However, […]

Rock-It Ladder Pocket: #TheGopherProject

Alright, it’s time for another tutorial! This time we’re taking the concept of the Rock-It Pocket and combining that with the women’s ladder pocket. Now, the center channel of the Rock-It Pocket has always been one of my favorite traditional pockets. When done correctly, it gives you great hold and moves the ball quickly out […]

How To Break In A Traditional Pocket: #TheGopherProject

Nike Elite Lacrosse Head with 6 Diamond Traditional Pocket

This week we’re going to look into how I break in a traditional pocket. Note, how I do this may be different from others, there’s no “right” way. It’s important to remember that breaking in a traditional pocket is a gradual process, it’s not something you can do over night.  However, once broken in and […]

TRADiTREE Spotlight: #TheGopherProject

traditree #thegopherproject

We’ve taken a few months off from spotlights as we presented the round table articles.  So, let’s kick off this spotlight #TheGopherProject with Hank Furnbach better known as TRADiTREE and Traditreepaint.  Traditree is a traditional pocket stringing tool. While, Tradipaint is a non-traditional method of painting a lacrosse head.  Instead of dyeing a head with […]

Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Today we’re reclaiming a lacrosse head. You can choose any lacrosse head and follow along. My goal is here is to take a head that wasn’t the commercial hit (that doesn’t mean it was a failure by the way) and see if I can construct a pocket that could turn this into a gamer. There […]

Revolving Doerr Pocket: #TheGopherProject

revolving doerr pocket rob doerr #thegopherproject

This week we’re taking a stab at the Revolving Doerr Pocket.  It’s mainly a defensive pocket. It was created by a Johns Hopkins defenseman back in the 90s.

Dandy Dyes: #TheGopherProject Spotlight

#thegopherproject dandy dyes

This month, #TheGopherProject spotlight is squarely on Martin Dandy aka Dandy Dyes! If you’ve been on Instagram the last few years, you’ll know his account.

#TheGopherProject: July Mailbag


It’s Mailbag time again! We are answering our audience’s questions on heads, dyeing and stringing on this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject.

Box Pinch Revisited: #TheGopherProject

box pinch #thegopherproject

This week on #TheGopherProject, Kevin Henry revisits the box pinch. This time, he is showing how different stringing styles can affect a head’s performance.

Bone Laxdip Dye: #TheGopherProject

#thegopherproject bone laxdip dye

Watch this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject, as Kevin Henry shows us how to properly execute the Bone Laxdip Dye. Bone Laxdip Dye: #The GopherProject Check out last week’s edition of #TheGopherProject where Kevin shows us how to string the Corner Pocket here on Lacrosse All Stars.