See How This American Helped Grow Lacrosse In China

china womens u19 lacrosse

Lacrosse is relatively new in the Asian country of the People’s Republic of China, but that hasn’t stopped China Women’s Lacrosse from playing it anyway.

China Lacrosse Announces Tryouts For Men’s National Teams

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China Lacrosse announced tryouts for two Men’s National Teams to compete at the 2020 U19 World Championship and 2020 Asia World Cup Qualifying Tournament.

China Women’s Lacrosse on the Rise! Q+A with Director Morgan Benaszek

China Women's Lacrosse on the Rise! Q+A with Director Morgan Benaszek

China women’s lacrosse director, Morgan Benaszek drops in to let us know how the game is growing overseas!

Team China Lacrosse: Past, Present and Future

Team China Lacrosse

Bobby Kwan interviews Team China coaches about the past, present, and future of lacrosse in China.

Sons of China: We Grew the Game

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Over the last couple of days, we found our identity. We found out that we can do anything we want if we come together as a team and fight. We grew, we bonded, we are China!

Sons of China: Ups and Downs

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Weather has been a bit of a factor here in Denver for every team participating in the World Championships recently. After warming up twice and even playing fifteen seconds in the first quarter, our game with Italy was yet again delayed.This took us out of our mindset and we came out very flatfooted.

Sons of China: Headed to War

Team China 2014 World Championships

The past two days have been filled with lacrosse all day. On the 10th, our day was consumed with preparation for the opening ceremony. The FIL put on a great display of all 38 countries participating and made every team proud to recognize where they’re from. Following the ceremonies, the Chinese players studied the USA vs. Canada game and hoped to learn from the world’s best players.

Sons of China: Battle Tested

China lacrosse 2014 World Lacrosse Championship

Team China was just as busy today as we were yesterday, and I’m sure our schedule will be similar throughout the entire tournament. We were able to practice at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park before scrimmaging Argentina.

Sons of China: Coming Together as a Team

Chinese lacrosse national team

The National Lacrosse Team of China is in Denver and things are really starting to come together for the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship.

Sons of China: Day 1

China lacrosse team Day 1

Dylan Bassham is back and this time he’s giving us the day by day for the Chinese National Team. Hearing the stories from the player’s perspective is an invaluable resource we’re glad to share.

China Asks for Your Help to Grow The Game!

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China lacrosse is taking another HUGE step this summer. For the first time ever, a Chinese team will be participating in the World Championship. This July, 38 countries will fly to Denver for the largest international lacrosse tournament ever held. It’s an incredible achievement for the Chinese players to join this event and be able to play on the same stage as the best lacrosse players in the world.

UPDATED: Will China Lacrosse Be An Immediate International Superpower?

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China (along with Peru) has become the newest Associate Member Nation of the Federation of International Lacrosse. So what does this mean for the sport of lax internationally? BIG THINGS!