Ojibwe-Inuit Jeff Shattler Finds Great Pride Wearing Iroquois Nationals Jersey

Objibwe-Inuit Jeff Shattler Has Great Pride Wearing Iroquois Nationals Jersey

In 2011, Jeff Shattler was one of the hottest names in box lacrosse. He was named NLL MVP that year after scoring 29 goals and dishing 46 assists for the Calgary Roughnecks, the top regular season finishers in the league. It was the player’s sixth season in the NLL, and it was the one that […]

Lacrosse Without the Iroquois Nationals is No World Celebration

Iroquois passports Haudenosaunee The World Games 2022 Iroquois Nationals

The Iroquois Nationals learned of their exclusion from The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, in the fall. One of the countries that was invited noticed the Iroquois Nationals weren’t on the list of competitors and were confused. It reached out to the Haudenosaunee, inadvertently breaking the news to the odd-nation-out, said Executive Director Leo […]

Iroquois in The World Games, Pro Tourneys – Going Offsides Podcast

Iroquois in World Games, Pro Tourneys - Going Offsides Podcast

Going Offsides Episode 8 hosts Ryan Kuhn and Nick Zoroya discuss The World Games 2020 in Birmingham, Alabama, and the event’s decision to exclude the Iroquois Nationals from their event. The pair explain the process leading up to the decision, why the decision probably occurred, and how to remedy the situation. Later on Going Offsides, […]

Canadian Lacrosse Association Statement on Iroquois Nationals and the World Games

CLA Canada Wins WILC 2015 Over the Iroquois Nationals

OTTAWA, ON – No country has benefited more than Canada from the gift of lacrosse that has been bestowed upon the global sporting community from the Haudenosaunee people. As such, the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) and Team Canada stands unequivocally in support of the Haudenosaunee’s inclusion in the upcoming 2022 World Games in Birmingham, USA […]

WINNER! WINNER! – Brendan Bomberry x Iroquois Nationals (1/1) MSN Lazer Exclusive

WIN a Brendan Bomberry x Iroquois Nationals (1/1) MSN Lazer Exclusive

Editor’s Note: Through part of our new collaboration with MSN Lazer to bring completely custom lacrosse memorabilia to the community, we are working alongside the athletes to record some of their most cherished memories of their lacrosse careers. Before you try to add his gear to your collection, get to know the Six Nations, Syracuse, […]

Canada Versus Iroquois for Gold in 2015 Was Wild

Canada - 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Champions

For all intents and purposes, let’s just agree to say 2015 was a simpler time. The World Indoor Lacrosse Championships were being hosted by the Haudenosaunee and the games were being played between two locations on the Onondaga Nation territory and the big seat-fillers were in Syracuse. Canada was undefeated in WILC play. The Iroquois […]


World Junior Championship : Iroquois v Canada

World Junior Lacrosse

Watch Iroquois and Canada face-off for the World Junior Lacrosse Championship. Learn more about the WJLC at WorldJuniorLacrosse.com. Iroquois Roster Canada Roster

USA v Iroquois : WJLC Game 2

World Junior Lacrosse

Watch the Iroquois take on USA in Game 2 of the World Junior Lacrosse Championships! Learn more about the WJLC at WorldJuniorLacrosse.com.

Iroquois v Canada : WJLC Game 1

World Junior Lacrosse

Originally played Wednesday, August 8, 2018 — Iroquois takes on Canada in Game 1 of the World Junior Lacrosse Championships at SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon. Learn more about the WJLC at WorldJuniorLacrosse.com.

2018 Iroquois World Junior Lacrosse Championship Roster

2018 Iroquois

With the USA and Canada rosters out, it’s time to look at the young Iroquois players looking to make a name for themselves at the World Juniors.

Canada Vs Iroquois – FIL Semifinal Photos

canada lacrosse cockerton

When Canada Vs Iroquois lacrosse is on, you watch it. The lacrosse is beautiful, the gear is legendary, and every position on the field plays the game with passion.