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It’s ON! A HOPEFUL Gathering, For A GREAT Cause

UPDATE #2: This event has been rescheduled for November 29th in NYC at 6:30PM! Check out updated event information here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy, the HOPEFUL Gathering in New York City has been cancelled. HOWEVER, Fields of Growth will still be hosting an event, it’s just in BOSTON! The event still starts around 6:30 PM and Bongo Love will still perform. The HOPEFUL Gathering will be at ALL ASIA, in Cambridge.

Updated event info can be found here. We’ll be back with more updates and how you can still get involved soon!


On November 1st starting at 630pm, Fields of Growth will host a HOPEFUL Gathering at Hudson Station in NYC, in support of the HOPEFUL School Education Fund. The HOPEFUL School is a primary school in Uganda, and has been built by FoG volunteers, NCAA players, the children and their parents.

College Coaches and Players at the HOPEFUL school.

Chad Wiedemaier (Princeton), David Earl (Notre Dame), and Scott Harrison (Duke) will all be recognized for the work they have done with the HOPEFUL School, along with another current college player, and the event will also serve as a send-off of sorts for a current college star, who heads to Uganda soon, before returning to Cornell for his final semester of eligibility.

-Uganda lacrosse national championship africa lax
Passion and excitement for lacrosse in Uganda!

At 8pm the focus shifts from conversation and cocktails to music, and Bongo Love will perform:

Rather than tell you why we think this is a great event, we thought it would be better to get quotes from some of the big name players and lacrosse people who will be in attendance. From their mouth to your ears!

David Earl (MLL, Notre Dame):

This event, for me, was a no-brainer. I’ve known Kevin since my freshmen year at ND and have been friends with him ever since. Similar to Kevin and Fields of Growth, I see lacrosse as not only a sport that I truly love, but also as an incredible tool and platform to give back.

This will be one of many outstanding events for passionate, creative, and caring people to come together to support a wonderful program that makes a positive impact on so many lives. I can’t wait to attend and I know many others are thrilled about the evening coming up soon in NYC.

Mitch Belilse (MLL, Cornell):

I am excited to join the Fields of Growth HOPEFUL gathering this November 1st, and look forward to seeing co-workers, friends and teammates past and present, united for a great cause.  David Earl helped to get me in the loop and sold me by promising free back massages after every Swarm game this season if I joined!

In all seriousness, as soon as Dave mentioned the event, and the cause, I was happy to help, plus the fact that one of our program’s current stars would be joining the efforts brought it even closer to me as a Cornell alum.  I am excited about the opportunity to see so many great lacrosse people come together for a social event in New York City and help a great organization!

Noelle Tota (Esquire Magazine):

My friend Justin is an active member of the committee and told me about the amazing strides Fields of Growth was making. I knew this event was something I had to be a part of – the lacrosse community is always something that has inspired me, and seeing the impact it has on these children is equally incredible.

Max Seibald (MLL, Cornell):

Kevin has done great things with Fields of Growth, and although I have not made the trip with his organization, I am well aware of the amazing work they have done. A friend of mine reached out and asked me to take part in this event and I was more than happy to contribute in any way I could.

bongo love
Bongo Love is no stranger to NYC. The partnered with Dispatch in 2007 to play 3 sold out shows at MSG.

For more information on the event, go to the Fields Of Growth website!