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A Last Minute Chance For February Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: Last spring, David Palacios was on the LAS mothership talking about NCAA DII lacrosse, primarily in the West, and while he’ll be back this year with even more left side D2 ball, he’ll also be writing posts from time to time on OTHER lax happenings.  This time he’s tackling a tourney in Mexico THIS February!

Coming at you from Mexico...

Hello all!  I took some time off to soak in rays, hit the Vegas strip a couple times, and just hang out, but while I was gone the lax world kept calling so I had to come back and take care of business.  I will have some rather interesting posts on NCAA DII lax this season, and yes I know the polls are out, and there will be re-alignment for 2013 and so forth.


I will get to all of this good stuff later on, but today I only want to talk about one HUGE! development… and that’s MEXICO Lacrosse’s first inaugural international tournament!

Mexico Lacrosse has been around since about 2006 in some form or another, but it has really taken off since the World Championships in 2010.  So much so that they already have about 10 domestic teams and a whole domestic league championship going on South of the US border!!!  That was REALLY fast!

This February will mark the first time that Mexico Lacrosse  has hosted an international tournament, but it gets better because guess what?  There are still some open spots!  The tournament will be held in the Tec CCM campus in the wonderful Mexico City suburb of Santa Fe. For more info go hither check out the Lax Mexico website.

Should be a super fun time filled with a lot of lax, continuous Growing The Game, AND maybe even a ride in one of those green beetle taxis!

Mexico City Lacrosse
Who wouldn't want to see this in person? And for lax?



Mexico green taxis
How cool are those Taxis?