A Shooter’s Best Friend


I came across this Pocket Radar gun on Utility Journal and I’m wondering why I don’t already have it in my bag…

If you’ve ever wanted to measure the speed of an object at will, but without lugging around an enormously conspicuous speed gun, this one’s for you. Dubbed as “the world’s smallest radar gun,” the Pocket Radar fits in the palm of your hand, and measures speed of moving objects big and small to an accuracy of +/- 1 mph. Easy one-button operation and memory recall feature make it simple to use. Measures readings from 7 to 375 mph.

Shouldn’t every serious shooter own one of these? Shouldn’t every coach? To me, it seems kind of obvious.

At summer camps, every kid with a little flow gets overly joyous when a coach whips out a radar gun. They instantly want to get their shot analyzed. And when that number isn’t up to par and they’re losing to their friends who play d-pole, they instantly want to get their shot critiqued. So, as a coach, why not make clocking shots part of your weekly fall ball regimen? Players, why not split the cost with a teammate or two and spend your off days ripping the duck to triple digits?

A shooter’s best friend indeed. It’s $199 on Amazon. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more cost-sensitive, there’s always the Bushnell for $75.