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Adidas Lacrosse Nabs Strong List of Sponsored Teams

UPDATE: Well, scratch the below news right off the internet!

I got an email from Bill Tierney stating that Denver Men’s Lacrosse is sponsored by Warrior and will not leave Warrior, and is NOT an Adidas school for lacrosse. Well, that was quick, and clearly proof you can’t trust a press release these days!

It turns out the women’s team at Denver is going to Adidas, which was very confusing. Our apologies for the confusion! A couple of other teams ARE going with Adidas. All of the old, incorrect text has been given the strike through treatment.

Up until today, Adidas Lacrosse had been making small but consistent waves in their re-emergence as a lacrosse brand. adidas_lacrosse The brand with three stripes has put out heads, gloves, and some padding, and from early looks, the product is better than it ever was before. Now, however, truly big news has emerged, and it has to do with Adidas picking up a bunch of D1 schools as sponsored partners, with one of those schools being the 2015 NCAA D1 National Champs.

Adidas Lacrosse – Sponsored Teams

That’s right, the University of Denver is now an Adidas school, and will be using Adidas lacrosse products moving forward. They aren’t alone! Bucknell (men and women), Bryant (men), Delaware (men and women), New Jersey Institute of Technology (men), and D3 powerhouse Lynchburg (men and women in fall of 2016 with soft good only) will ALL be making the move to Adidas Lacrosse. We have confirmed that the switch will be made this year for all the teams except Lynchburg, which will happen in the fall of 2016 and will not include padding or hard goods.

For Adidas, pulling over this list of schools is big, but pulling in Denver is definitely the biggest news of all. Denver has become a truly elite D1 program over the last 5-10 years, and they have a coach with more lacrosse credibility than just about anyone. They attract top level players from across North America, and they are easily one of the most intriguing college programs around right now. For a newly emerged brand to capture a school like this is HUGE news, at least for that brand!

These deals are seemingly all-encompassing, and they will include jerseys, shorts, shoes, shafts, heads, gloves, and protective pieces, as well as other apparel. So far it is unclear which type of helmets these teams will wear, but Adidas is not offering a helmet currently.

I have actually tried out both the Bawse head and Enrayge head, and I think the latter will be a favorite amongst many of the college guys. The Bawse is almost offset, THEN pro-set, and it creates a pocket with a lot of hold and some natural whip. Will college players embrace these products? That remains to be seen, but so far so good.

The cleats should be excellent, as Adidas makes footwear better than anything else, and has for decades. The uniforms look really tight in the photos, but that is likely just for the effect. The gloves are much more of an unknown quantity, so I’m curious to see how those shake out.

adidas lacrosse denver adidas lacrosse denver adidas lacrosse denver

It’s good to see another major sporting goods brand get into lacrosse. For them to pull in Denver and strong list of D1 schools in year one? Well that’s about a ton of icing on their normal sized cake.

I’ll be interested to see if Adidas gets into the MLL, and if they do, which players they would pursue. Miles Jones would be a great choice!