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Adrenaline Lacrosse Tournaments
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Why ADRLN? Players & Coaches on Adrenaline Tournaments

A few weekends back, I spent the entire day outside of Los Angeles for the final LXM PRO event of the 2013-2014 season. With the event also came the final Adrenaline tournament of the year. This LXM|ATS (LXM PRO and Adrenaline Tournament Series) format has been how Adrenaline has structured many of their tournaments for the past two years or so, and it seems to be a smart way of getting LXM PROs in front of their audience through clinics, coaching, and the of course the LXM PRO game itself.

Beyond LXM|ATS events, Adrenaline also holds other tournaments, such as their longstanding Adrenaline Challenge and Shootout events and their newest endeavor, the Platinum Cup.

But what is it that keeps bringing teams back to ADRLN tournaments? Here’s what players and coaches have to say:

With school seasons starting up, Adrenaline tournaments and LXM PRO events are beginning their hiatus. Once high school seasons have concluded, though, expect teams to go flooding back to ADRLN tournaments in the Summer, Fall, and Winter.