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Start a display advertising campaign with Lacrosse All Stars today. Introduce your company to the global lacrosse market or choose specific targeting.

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Targeted display advertising across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Display Advertising Specs

Many Formats Accepted

  • Images – A basic image banner of type GIF, JPEG or PNG
  • HTML5 Rich Media  – IAB compatible HTML5 ZIP archive which includes HTML, scripts and media files. Supports Adobe Edge, Google Web Designer and others
  • Custom HTML / 3rd Party Tags – A custom HTML or script-based advertisement, or 3rd party ad tags from advertisers or ad networks
  • Flash Banner – An Adobe Flash rich media advertisement
Banner Ads - LaxAllStars Display Advertising

Flexible Creative

We accept display banners in a variety of dimensions, including the sizes exemplified below. Feel free to let us know your specific needs, and we’ll be happy to customize delivery of the campaign to the requirements of your creative.

Example I: 728×90 Leaderboard

  • Displayed above the fold on articles & pages; Defaults to 320×50 on mobile

Example II: 300×250 Medium Rectangle

  • Displayed in sidebar of articles; Can be inserted above the fold

Example III: 120×60 Logo Placement

  • Displayed both above and below the fold on select article pages according to contextual keyword(s) or content category

Optimal Targeting

Showcase your brand in front of the entire worldwide community or target a segment of our audience. We offer the following targeting capabilities:

  • Location by Country, State/Province, City or Zipcode
  • Referral by URL, Website, Social Network or Offline
  • Affinity by User Type, Status, or Activity

Integrated Marketing Opportunity

Many organizations request to combine our display advertising solutions with content marketing and grassroots event sponsorship initiatives. We are happy to provide this capability as well as set measurable goals for overall reach, total clicks, or RoAS (Return on ad Spend).

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