Leverage our livestream distribution service for lacrosse teams and events to raise awareness about your program!

Livestream Your Next Lacrosse Event!

Lacrosse All Stars is proudly partnered with Prodigy Media, and our staff is capable of everything you can imagine. From on-the-fly productions that are totally live with zero latency to commercial programming and re-distributing video content, we’ve got you covered.

Distribute Video Anywhere: What’s That Mean?

Broadcast your lacrosse games across your own social accounts, plus our Facebook pageTwitterYouTube, and free on LaxAllStars.com. You handle the production side, and we handle everything else to maximize viewership of the game(s). Sign up now – bandwidth is limited!

lacrosse event livestreams

Every Livestream Capability You Can Imagine

Want four cameras, a spider-cam, and instant replay? Want to mic up the players like the Premier Lacrosse League did in its inaugural season? Our experts can do it all for you, or with you on a contractual basis.

Book it now! Time is running out!

The Lacrosse All Stars team is in high demand, so the sooner you add your next live event to our schedule, the better. Simply click “Get Started” below to begin the process of exploring a partnership. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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