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Ales Hrebesky Box Lacrosse Memorial: Radotin Day 1

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I am, quite simply, exhausted.  I didn’t sleep a ton on the plane ride over to Prague from JFK, and have been running around Radotin trying to get my bearings.  Add in a practice with Salt Shakerz and downing  few beers while watching LCC Radotin scrimmage the Privateers out of Nova Scotia, and I’m completely beat.

Then when you add in the making of this video and me having to restring BOTH sidewalls AND the top string of my favorite box stick and I really don’t think I can write anymore!

Here are some additional non-video highlights…

– My first ever practice with the Salt Shakerz.  Good times, good play, can’t wait to hit the floor for real!

– My first game with the Shakerz, my first game in Europe, and my first box game outside of NYC all take place tomorrow at 2pm Prague time (8am EST).  Feeling blessed!  You can watch a live stream of the game here.

– I got to see a box lacrosse game played in the rain.  That was really interesting.

– I’ve been hanging out with Brandon Styres a lot and this kid is not only an amazing box lacrosse goalie, but he’s also a funny, friendly and wonderful human being.

Brandon is just one of the many great new people I’ve met this week.  It’s been a great time so far and it’s only been one day!  I’ll be back soon with more on the biggest box lacrosse tournament in Europe!