LC United box lacrosse pRague jersey sweater
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UPDATED: Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Box Lacrosse Tournament Blog

Editor’s note: Mark Powers, CJ Greene, James Synowiez, and Justin Otto are all over in Prague for the big box lacrosse tournament one of the European box clubs put on.  This is an event worth traveling to, and our Connor Wilson is headed over there next year with these guys.  For now, we’ll be getting updates as the tourney continues and keeping you all posted on the happenings in beautiful Prague!
The Annual Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Tournament is held to honor a former LCC Radotin player, who was killed by a drunk-driver while heading to practice.  The host club, LCC Radotin is one of the favorites to win year after year and this yearr they’re in our playing group.

Prague box lacrosse dancers
They even have dance teams come out in between periods!

We’ll be playing for a team called LC United which is a group of Philadelphia, NJ, NY and Maryland players.  Some play on the US Developmental team for Indoor Lacrosse to try and promote this style of play in the States.  The guys are looking forward to getting after it because last year we could not get over to Prague due to transportation troubles caused by the Icelandic Eyafjalljökull volcano!

Radotin, where the tournament is based, is a suburb of Prague, probably 20, 30 min outside of the city center and they are rabid about lacrosse.  In the center of town is a Box lacrosse-specific outdoor rink.  I kid you not.  In a little town in the Czech Republic, they are mad about lacrosse.  They even have a custom lax wall next to the lockerroom/sports club facility at the rink.  The wall has both field and box goals drawn on it.  We’re excited that Radotin is in our group, because any game they play in is sure to draw a big crowd, and our game against them will be at 7PM local time on Friday, shortly after the youth clinic.

Prague box lacrosse LC United Philly boxla
The LC United Team in 2009.

On Thursday, we play the Slovak Nationals at 12:40 and then the Vienna Cherokees at 9:10 PM.

The tournament is great because you really see the growth of game at the international level.  It’s set-up like the world cup, with different groups of 4.  Luckily we evaded being placed in the “group of death”.  The drawing for the tournament seeding is streamed live online.

The tourney is so legit that there’s even opening and closing ceremonies and an all-star game on Saturday night between the best of the international teams and the Czech national team, which is broadcast live on National Czech TV!

Prague box lacrosse LC United Philly boxla
Getting ready for the face off. Stands are PACKED! They do love box.

We’ll have a ton more updates from the guys as they come in and can’t wait to show all our readers what box lacrosse is like in Prague!  Looks like one of those “trips of a lifetime” to us!

Update #1

We’ve got LC United Game uniforms and team jackets for you!  These uniforms are sick.  I love how seriously club box teams take their uniforms.  These just scream LAX!!!!  And team jackets?  Snazzy.

LC United box lacrosse pRague jersey sweater
I love a sweater with horizontal stripes!
LC United box lacrosse pRague jersey sweater
Last names and everything!
LC United box lacrosse pRague jersey sweater
Plus sick shorts!
LC United box lacrosse pRague jersey sweater jacket Nike
Um, yeah. Sick.

Update #2

When in Prague, you simply MUST go to their Hooters.  It’s soon to be relatively famous!

Prague Hooters
Hooters, of course!
Prague Hooters
Looks like a Beer hall. I guess that's what it is!
Prague Hooters
Relatively famous... um, ok.


Here’s a little additional info From the tourney website and how you can watch the games online:

The Aleš Hřebeský Memorial is held by Lacrosse Club Custodes Sokol Radotín to honor its former player, who tragically died in the autumn of 1993. Today the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial is the most prestigious box-lacrosse event in Europe with teams from eight countries participating.

Aleš Hřebeský was born on July 1st, 1972 and was among the most gifted LCC players. Moreover, he was a keen ice-hockey player, gymnast, and cycle-ball player. On November 30th, 1993 he died of the injuries caused by a drunk driver who hit Aleš while he waited at a bus stop.

The tournament used to be the traditional opening of the Czech lacrosse season at the end of March. All teams played on a usually muddy field dried with layers of shavings and sawdust.

The 8th tournament in 2001 was breakthrough. Thanks to a generous grant from the Municipality of Prague, and the effort of LCC members, the arena was refurbished and an artificial surface was laid. The Grand Opening was a part of the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial which included a first – teams from abroad (the USA, Germany and even Japan) participated for the first time. It was the first tournament ever in the history of world box lacrosse with participants from more than two countries. The Champion that year was LCC Sokol Radotín. The next year, two American teams participated and a few professional players played on Team Rebel won the tournament in 2002–04. The winner of 2005 and 2006 annual was LC Jižní Město.

In 2007 for the first time a team from the homeland of lacrosse, Canada took part. Green Gaels from Ontario came. Their young team remain unbeaten and gained the trophy. 2007 annual was also a good preparation for the Czech national team before the World Indoor Lacroose Championship held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in May 2007. For the first time a lacrosse match was broadcasted on TV in the Czech Republic. Czech TV Spart Channel broadcasted the All Stars Game.

Record number of 16 teams took part in 2008 annual. Also for the first time the tournament started alreadyon Thursday. Several Rebel players including Bill Curtiss who brought the Rebel team as the first overseas team to the tournament appeared in ambitious Megamen Boston. They won the trophy in the first live TV broadcast from the tournament. Also all matches were available live on the internet at bwin website and you could bet on results there, too.

Main tournament website

You can also watch the box lacrosse games live, via streaming online.  Go under “lakros” on the left hand side bar.  You may have to search for Alex Hrebesky Tournament.

Video from previous tourney