Pregame box lacrosse warm up Prague SLovak nationals
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UPDATED: Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Box Lax Tourney Blog #3

The Aleš Hřebeský Memorial box lacrosse tournament in Prague is in full swing.  Most teams have at least 2 games under their belts as of yesterday, and are probably playing more right now!

Our buddies from the Salt Shakerz, who are playing with LC United, are off to a 2-0 start, beating Vienna Cherokee and the Slovak Nationals pretty easily.  Their next match might not be such a cakewalk though.

You can watch the games online, and the day after they are played, full games are uploaded to a Czech Sports server.  The video feed is of an astonishing quality, and the outdoor box lacrosse rink in the center of town is one of the coolest sports venues of all time.  At least I think it’s cool!   I’m a biased lax guy, ok?

You can watch LC United play the Slovak Nationals.  Or you can watch LC United play Vienna Cherokee.

Reader and contributor Artjom Merjasch is also over there with the “Love You To Death” team and these guys are rocking some unreal pink jerseys, as they always do.

Love You To Death vs. German Gents game link.

One of the stronger teams at the tourney are the Megamen, out of Boston.  Lots of Blazers, Cannons practice players, ex-pros, boxlax junkies and fromt he looks of the games, a meathead or two, and the Megamen are looking like early favorites.  I’ll get a look at their roster soon and get back to you on just who is on that squad.  One of the guys looks like Tom Ryan’s younger brother though.  Ponytail.

I got an update from a Megaman who didn’t make the trip, so here is a little info on some guys on the Megamen:

Bryan Bendig – former Wing, Blazer, MVP of this tourney a few years back.
Andrew Wasik – former Barrage & Wings player, and another tourney veteran, like Bendig.
Scott Joyner – long time contributor to the tourney and US team in ’07, I think.
Greg Rogowski – former Merrimack star, US developmental team, and alternate for US team in 2011.
Shaun Lux – Rochester Grey Wolves, and former Mercyhurst player.
Scott Prestridge – Ales Hrebesky tournament journeyman.  Played for Philly, then Megamen, and made the journey last year despite the volcano, and played for Love You To Death.
John Hetzel – Concord, MA native who lived in Prague for 12 years and was the Megamen’s first interpreter.
Mirek Knotek – used to play for host city, Radotin, but because of club rules he became to old to run with the first team so he joined up with his friend Hetzel, to run with the megamen. He’s also either the Mayor of Radotin or Associate Mayor… something cool!

Wow, that team really IS stacked!  Want to see video of them run ‘n gun?

Megamen vs. Old Dogs Pilzen full game link.

Of course there is always some sideshow entertainment to be had.  So far it has been coming in the forms of amateur X-games style scooter tricks.  Haha.  Kids are hysterical the world over!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Box Lax Tourney Sideshow!”]

The Old Dogs Pilzen guys are the ones who don’t use any shooting strings in their sticks.  I found this bizarre, so the guys over there sent back some more pictures, and yes, it’s true.  They use shooting string-less sticks.  Weird.  But cool.  Definitely going to try that!

no shooting string lacrosse stickno shooting string lacrosse stick
No shooters!
no shooting string lacrosse stickno shooting string lacrosse stick
We need to see how this is done!
Pregame box lacrosse warm up Prague SLovak nationals
Pregame box lacrosse warm up.