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Ales Hrebesky Memorial Box Lacrosse Highlights, Part 1

Over the next few days, I’ll be providing more and more video coverage of the 2012 Ales Hrebesky Memorial box lacrosse tournament in the village of Radotin, in the Czech Republic.

Here are the simple facts:  None of these teams should be underestimated.  Everyone has players, and everyone is willing to be physical.  The host side, LCC Radotin, is looking strong so far, as are the Megamen out of Boston, the Privateers out of Novia Scotia, and LC Jizni Mesto (thanks to rezna84 for the correction!), another strong Czech club team.  At this point anything can happen, and both semifinal games tomorrow have the potential for greatness!

The finals will be played on Saturday night, and if the All Star game (which was played tonight) is any indication, the crowd should be enormous, especially if LCC Radotin makes it.

The whole tournament has been amazing so far, and it’s looking like it just might be our first 10 out of 10 ever when I do the review.  Maybe even 11.  It’s that good.  Check out the video from the Memorial below:

More European box lacrosse video highlights to come tomorrow, or Sunday, or Monday.  But don’t worry, they’ll be worth it whenever they come.