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Ales Hrebesky Memorial: Quarterfinals

Editor’s Note: Alex Scriffiano will be assisting me this week in covering the Ales Hrebesky Memorial, and for his first dispatch from Prague, he hits all the required details. See how the 20th anniversary tournament is shaping up already. I (Connor) leave tonight, arriving tomorrow.


Hello again LAS readers! I apologize for the infrequent updates regarding the AH Memorial here in Prague. I’ve encountered some unfortunate technological problems, but I’ve managed to persevere enough to bring you another update.

This afternoon the quarter finals of the playoff round of the tournament begins. Lets take a quick look at the match-ups later on today:

Quarterfinal #1, LCC Radotin v. Pioneers

LCC Radotin is the host team. They play together all year long and always seem to know where their teammates are on the floor without even looking. They play fast, tough, and disciplined lacrosse. The pioneers are a team out of Canada. They also play with each other regularly. This will be a tightly contested affair and a great game to watch . Prediction: LCC Radotin, and only because of the home turf advantage. This game is really a coin toss.

Quarterfinal #2, Love you to Death v. Boston Megamen

This is a very interesting match-up for several reasons. Love you to Death won it all in 2011 but did not compete last year. In 2012, the Boston Megamen won it all. Boston’s goalie from last year (Scott Komer) and one of their top offensive players (Jaime Plunkett) are playing for Love you to Death this year. Both teams have been dominant early on with LYTD winnig their three games by a combined score of 38-3, while the Megamen have won by a combined 51-1. The loser of the game cannot finish any higher than 5th, while the winner will move on to the semi finals. I’m not making a prediction on this game, since I will be playing for Boston.

Quarterfinal #3, LCC Wolves v. Green Gaels

The wolves are the big surprise of the tournament so far. They are the younger feeder program to LCC Radotin. They upset Jizni Mesto in the first round of the playoffs 5-3 to advance to the quarter finals. The green Gaels on the other hand are a veteran and experienced team. They play hard nosed Canadian style box lacrosse. Prediction: Everyone loves the Cinderella story, but this game will be the clock striking midnight on the Wolves.

Quarterfinal #4, Nova Scotia Privateers v. London Knights

The Privateers were a big surprise early on last year, defeating the Megamen in group play in a shootout. They eventually went on to finish 3rd, losing to Radotin in the semis. They brought many of the same players from last year and have been tough all tournament. The Knights are an interesting squad. They are big, physical, and love to hit. I think they’ll have a tough time keeping up with the stick skills of the Privateers. Prediction; Privateers in a big way.

Lets see how it all plays out!