amazing box lacrosse video
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AMAZING Box Lacrosse Video: Israel Vs Czech

You will want to watch this amazing box lacrosse video at least a couple of times. I won’t blame you one bit. Brian Delumpa shot and edited this video, and the end product is two minutes of excitement and pure excellence. You really get the feeling of being in a box game, and the intensity is a perfect representation of the sport.

The Israeli team won this game 13-12, and you can click here for a full recap. It was superb match up showcasing some of the best that European box lacrosse has to offer, and Israel’s early lead, the Czech’s furious comeback, and Israel’s ability to hold on for the win were all on display.

Don’t miss out on the 2015 ALL-WILC Team put together by! In the meantime, simply enjoy this amazing box lacrosse video featuring Israel vs the Czech Republic!

AMAZING Box Lacrosse Video

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”World Indoor Lacrosse Highlights: Israel 13, Czech Republic 12″]

Yup, that was officially amazing.

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You probably want some more of that. Totally fair! How about this Czech Republic vs Iroquois video?

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”HIGHLIGHTS: Iroquois Nationals vs Czech Republic – WILC 2015 9/23/2015″]

Not satisfied yet? This USA vs Iroquois video should help…

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”IROQUOIS NATIONALS v TEAM USA Day 1 of WILC 2015 HIGHLIGHTS”]

Like I said, stay tuned. There is PLENTY more where this stuff came from! The WILC may be over, but the amazing box lacrosse content will keep rolling for a while longer. We have a number of different games and projects to highlight, so keep coming back for more of the best lacrosse coverage in the world!

Our Canada Vs Iroquois video will be truly special, and a number of other teams will get the royal treatment as well. It’s time the world sees box lacrosse for all that it can be. Help us spread the word!