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snow lacrosse photos Loyola holy cross getting warmer
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Amazing Snow Lacrosse Photos

These are probably the most amazing snow lacrosse photos I’ve ever seen. Loyola and Holy Cross scheduled a lacrosse game on Saturday, and even though a snow storm was rolling in, they played it. That’s gumption! What resulted was an epic upset for Holy Cross, an exciting back and forth lacrosse game, and some of the best snow lacrosse photos I’ve ever had the pleasure of posting.

Craig Chase braved the cold, windy, straight up terrible conditions and captured ALL of the photographic gems in this post.

While I might be rethinking my stance on early season lacrosse, the Loyola Student Section is not. Except for this guy. TROOPER!loyola-lacrosse-student-section

Of course that was before the snow started, when it was just “cold”, and this contest still looked like a normal lacrosse game. During the first parts of the game, the snow really wasn’t even that bad.

Snow Lacrosse Photos

And then, the snow picked up, and things got a little crazier. The game remained tight, and exciting!

And the snow only built up from there…amazing snow lacrosse photos

Here are a couple more amazing shots from near the end of the game:

amazing snow lacrosse photos
Yeah, I love that one too.amazing snow lacrosse photos

I mean, come on!amazing snow lacrosse photos

That orange ball really stands out, huh?amazing snow lacrosse photos

HUGE win for Holy Cross in crazy conditions!

Just in case you want to see some video, here you go:

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Highlights: Men’s Lacrosse vs Holy Cross”]

It’s crazy in video form too!

Loyola and Holy Cross were not the only teams to play in the snow this weekend, but Craig Chase really did a superb job of capturing what it’s like to play in a truly snowy lacrosse game with those amazing snow lacrosse photos of his!

Big win for Holy Cross, who looked like a very solid team, armed with a number of players who could go strong to the cage in a one on one situation. They spread Loyola out on D, and went hard to the rack. It paid off in a BIG way!