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America ReFramed: The Medicine Game

America ReFramed is a program on PBS that looks at America through 26 different films, where each film is either 60 or 90 minutes long. On September 24th, at 8pm, PBS will air America ReFramed: The Medicine Game, and I can’t wait to watch this 90 minutes special on Jeremy Thompson and his brother Jerome.

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan

The film follows the two as they pursue their dreams of playing big time college lacrosse for Syracuse, and then sticks with them for YEARS afterwards. I remember being blown away by the length and breadth of the Hoop Dreams, and from first glances I think that this upcoming film could surpass the monumental basketball documentary, at least in the eyes of lacrosse players.

Check your local listing on September 24th, find PBS, and set your DVR for record. I think this is going to be good, and something you REALLY don’t want to miss!