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America’s First Sport Documentary: Revised Edition

The Revised Edition of the America’s First Sport documentary has been released on YouTube, and if you didn’t watch it the first time around, you should DEFINITELY check it out now. It’s an hour well spent!

I still can’t get over the fact that footage of a box lacrosse team made it into the film, and was used at such a pivotal moment (the 10:40 mark), to discuss the fracturing of the game between Native and non-Native players. The fact that we, a group of non-Natives, were invited up to Syracuse, to play a mostly Native team, provides some hope that the fracture can be mended. We are eternally thankful to Neal Powless, one of the speakers in the film, for that opportunity.

Best Box Lacrosse Video Ever: Stingers Vs LAS

Game Photos: LAS Vs Syracuse Stingers

It’s also great to see a mention of Hawaii’s first D1 Lacrosse Player, Lincoln Liesemeyer, at the 27:00 mark, when the film talks about Onondaga Community College.

If you’re new to the Creator’s Game, or just looking to learn more about its history, the above video is a great first step. Enjoy, learn, and play lacrosse!