America’s Sweetheart


Behold, my Fourth of July Project. Yes, sharing it is a bit (read: seriously) delayed, but that’s just because I wanted to make sure Team USA won the FIL World Championship first. If RP’s beard wasn’t going to win a title, neither were my dying skills. Well, you get the point.

It started out with a white Maverik Bull. You know, the one Paul Rabil uses.

First, I made a candy cane pattern with electrical tape. Think red stripes, not candy canes.

I also threw some silver stars on the ‘head of the head’. I always loved getting stars on my vocab tests.

“Scarlet” AKA Red and Royal dye is all you’ll ever need. Use those colors, then your dyed head here.

I started with Red, what may or may not have been the lighter dye of the two.

At first I wanted a clear cut line dividing the red and white (eventual blue), but I simply didn’t have the patience to hold the head in the right place. A fade ensued.

Even though there was a red fade, the blue didn’t turn out half bad. The sides just look a little darker than the top.

I gotta admit, I LOVE the white stars. Smartest thing I ever did was pick up a packet of teachers’ star stickers at Rite Aid. Yeah, this dye job got a mean assist from Rite Aid.

The electrical tape didn’t stop the red dye from seeping, and honestly I was pretty disappointed. I even used a blow dryer to heat the tape up and get it on there tight. Now I’ve just convinced myself that the head has some sort of “rustic” appeal. Excuses, excuses.

Alas, the finished product…

Not too shabby for my second dye job, right?
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  1. Nothing wrong with a little Red, White & Blue action. My next dyeing adventure will be a little patriotic love.

    An idea I had for equipment companies.. do not attach the ball stop to the head or include a 2nd one when you purchase the head, for the people who dye their own heads. Removing the ball stop is a pain in the ass. I'm a bit neurotic/OCD and like a clean white ball stop and would like the “original” ball stop on the head. Covering a ball stop with tape is also a tedious process. Especially all the new heads with the rubber ball stop. So LaxAllStars.. use your power of the interweb and put out the word.