EA Sports Lacrosse Video Game On The Horizon


EA Sports Lacrosse Video Game On The Horizon

“Now, if, like Robin Williams, you thought la crosse was what you found in la church, prepare to be pummeled by the “Angry LAX” fans.” – Ian Sharpe, EA Sports, The Greenlight Blog

That comment was made on Sept 13th, 2008. Ian was referring to a Facebook group that now had 18,000 members. Each member wants there to be an EA Sports lacrosse game. What started there has led to a bigger, more prominent group and an online petition.

EA Sports took notice of the lacrosse community’s desire for a video game thanks to this group:

Official EA Sports Lacrosse Video Game Petition Group18,000 Members and counting…

THAT led to this group. Started by Karl Brummer, a high school player in Minnesota, the “Official EA Sports Lacrosse Video Game Petition Group” now has nealry 136K members. Karl is trying to get 1 million members to join and sign the online petition, which we’ll post a link to later. We interviewed Karl about his group and the movement he is leading on the Mr. BS Report podcast today and it will be published tomorrow.

EA Sports will make a lacrosse video game if about 1,000,000 people sign a petition138,000 Members and counting…

According to the information Karl has posted on the group wall, “EA Sports will make a lacrosse video game if about 1,000,000 people sign a petition. EA said that joining this group will count, so tell all your friends to sign this before JUNE 22!!! As soon as EA gets around 1,000,000 petitioners, they will start working on the game.”

In an effort to support the cause, LacrosseAllStars has decided to open up an online poll. At the end of May we will send the results to EA Sports.

Our question: If EA Sports makes a lacrosse video game, should it be college or pro?

We want you to choose which league is featured for this game. If you would like to vote, click here or on the image below to head to the poll at our Facebook Fanpage.

The LacrosseAllStars Poll: Which league should be featured?

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  1. This is why ea sports is possibly one of the stupidest companies around. The majority of people who buy this game will most likely be younger kids who dont have facebook, and most likely will never know about this group. Only ea would use facebook to make a decision on whether or not to make a game.