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Crosse Clicks: The Archenemy

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s Rivalry Week here at Lacrosse All Stars, and today we’re going deep. You’ve got a rival somewhere, don’t you? Think of him as you read.

Dr. Evil, Magneto, and Lex Luther are just a few examples of archenemies in the most powerful and unrelenting form. The names of these villains are as ingrained in our vocabulary as much as their heroic counterparts. We don’t just remember the good guy, we remember the nemesis, too, and the challenge he presented to the guy we were rooting for.

In lacrosse, we don’t have any real-life archenemy stories to point to – there are no Magic vs. Bird caliber rivalries. No Shaq for another pro’s Kobe. No Richard Sherman for our game. The closest thing we’ve had to a lacrosse rivalry with the potential of getting the attention of the masses is probably MLL vs. LXM PRO.

There is one thing common amongst every athlete, however. Even lacrosse players. And that’s a private and personal rivalry or two. There’s always someone out there who might be faster and stronger, capable of beating you. He may be a player on a neighboring team, or the guy one garage over, working on the next big lacrosse innovation. Our biggest rival is the guy who keeps us on our toes, keeps us training to be better, keeps us hungry to succeed. Our biggest rival is always on our mind, and as athletes we learn to thrive on that energy.

That’s the beauty of competition, but it’s also the kryptonite. A major part of growing as a player and a person is accepting your rival and treating them with respect. They’re after the same end game as anyone – being the best player they can be. The greatest tales in sports are the ones that have shown us that even the greatest athletes have work to be done and a rival to overtake.

It’s only a matter of time until we see a rivalry that personal rise as a storyline in our game.

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