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Archers: 2022 PLL Video Game Ratings

It has been 1,558 days since the release of the last true lacrosse video game (Casey Powell Lacrosse 18). While that game certainly had its flaws, it was nice to pick up a controller and play a lacrosse video game. Let’s take a minute and imagine a new PLL focused video game has released in the year 2022. What exactly would the player ratings be? One of the best parts of a new Madden game every year is the fans reacting to their favorite players and team’s ratings. This eight part series will cover each of the PLL teams hypothetical player ratings, starting with the Archers.

I’d like to thank Dan Arestia for inspiring this idea.

DISCLAIMER: This is 100% an opinion piece and you are entitled to disagree with everything in this article if you choose to do so. Not every player is a 99 overall. It takes years of experience and consistency to even come close to that sort of ranking. Just because your favorite player is an 82 overall in no way shape or form means he is a bad player. The league just has far too much talent.


Grant Ament: 97 OVR

Will Manny: 96 OVR

Marcus Holman: 95 OVR

Matt Moore: 85 OVR

Connor DeSimone: 85 OVR

Recap: The Archers attackmen lineup is without a doubt their strongest unit. They arguably have the best attack lineup in the PLL and it’s not hard to understand why. The club has future MVP Grant Ament paired next to seasoned veterans Will Manny and Marcus Holman. This combination in and of itself is terrifying to opposing defenses. On top of that, the club now has two very intriguing future stars in Matt Moore and Connor DeSimone coming off the bench. The Archers future in the PLL is certainly bright.

Overall Average: 92 OVR


Tom Schreiber: 99 OVR

Connor Fields: 85 OVR

Ryan Ambler: 83 OVR

Tre Leclaire: 80 OVR

Jeff Trainor: 78 OVR

Ryan Aughavin: 76 OVR

Jack Jasinski: 74 OVR

Recap: On paper, this midfield unit looks to be relatively solid. However, when compared to the rest of the league it falls to the middle of the pack. Don’t get me wrong, having 99 overall Tom Schreiber on your roster certainly is a game changing factor, but the lack of diverse depth continues to hinder the Archers. The Archers stacked attack lineup makes up for any shortcomings in the team’s midfield unit.

Overall Average: 83 OVR


Dominique Alexander: 86 OVR

Latrell Harris: 84 OVR

Mark McNeill: 82 OVR

Recap: The Archers have one of the best SSDM lineups in the PLL. Dominique Alexander is one of the most slept on players in the league but those who know the game recognize what he brings to the table. Latrell Harris and Mark McNeill exude a level of grit that is difficult to find. This unit is one of the reasons the team’s defense has been so solid this season.

Overall Average: 84 OVR


Graeme Hossack: 94 OVR

Matt McMahon: 87 OVR

Warren Jeffrey: 73 OVR

Will Jones: 70 OVR

Recap: The Archers defense may not be elite but it certainly isn’t a liability. Graeme Hossack anchors the defense and Matt McMahon is definitely a viable contributor. That third position tends to be up in the air with an LSM usual taking over the reins. The Archers defense obviously works well together as the team continuously has one of the lowest “goals against” ratios in the PLL year after year.

Overall Average: 81 OVR


Scott Ratliff: 97 OVR

Jared Conners: 84 OVR

Jon Robbins: 74 OVR

Recap: The Archers do this really cool thing where they pair veteran All-Stars next to up-and-coming talent. Ratliff is a generational talent that Conners is able to mold his game after for the next few years as Ratliff is currently in his tenth professional season. Ratliff will easily go down in history as one of the best LSMs to ever play the game and Conners has all of the potential in the world to mold his game after Ratliff.

Overall Average: 86 OVR


Justin Inacio: 78 OVR

Frankie Labetti: 76 OVR

Tyrell Hamer-Jackson: 74 OVR

Recap: The Archers lack of talent at the faceoff position has lost the team crucial games. It is very difficult to win games in the PLL when your faceoff unit is under 40%, which is where the Archers currently sit. Justin Inacio certainly has all the potential in the world, but it has yet to be seen.

Overall Average: 76 OVR


Adam Ghitelman: 85 OVR

Brett Dobson: 80 OVR

Recap: There is no such thing as a bad goalie in the PLL. If you have made it to this stage in your lacrosse career then you obviously have earned it given how difficult the position is to succeed in. Adam Ghitelman is having an off year hanging around a 51% save percentage which has affected his overall rating. However, when he is playing at this best he is clearing a 90+ caliber player. Dobson is one of the most intriguing rookies in the PLL and it will only be a matter of time before we see how the Archers utilize him.

Overall Average: 83 OVR

Archers Overall Rating: 83