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Arizona LaxCats Episode 2: Shootout

Arizona LaxCats Episode Two: Shootout

Welcome back to another weekly installment of Arizona LaxCats, this week we’re going on the road with the squad to UCLA for the annual Pac-12 Shootout.

Welcome back to another weekly installment of LaxCats, your inside look at the life of the University of Arizona Club Lacrosse team on and off of the field.

Freshman Mark Babicke takes us on the road with the squad as they infiltrated the UCLA campus in beautiful Southern California for the annual Pac-12 Shootout.

You will probably notice a chunk of the team wearing their Sunday bests on the bus to LA and those will be the same guys serenading you with sweet, sweet karaoke, hand picked by their elders. Yes, these are rookies and we like to think of it as a right of passage.

The first game of the Shootout was against an old rival, the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks didn’t put up the fight that the LaxCats would have expected, as Arizona took down them with ease, 14-2.

Oregon 2 0 0 0 0
Arizona 2 3 6 3 0

Oregon State followed and they proved to be much more difficult than their quacking neighbors. This game quickly turned into a back-and-forth exchange of blows between two evenly matched teams.

The scoreless first quarter dug the Arizona LaxCats a hole they couldn’t climb out of, dropping their first loss of the season to the Beavers, 8-7.

Arizona 0 1 2 4 0
Oregon State 2 4 2 0 0

Although it make look like summer, remember these games were played in mid-February! There are some serious perks to playing MCLA ball in the South West.

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