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Arizona State: Semi-Final Commentary And Analysis

The Lax and the LAS gang are back to head up our coverage of the MCLA National Tournament in Denver, Colorado. Denver: where it’s sunny 300 days a year! (except when it’s not).

After taking the day off yesterday to watch some amazing D1 games (Colorado-ASU, I’m lookin’ at you),we’re gonna dive right back in to our on going commentary for the days games

Here’s a little preview of the two matchups.

Starting things out we have a rematch from both the regular season and the RMLC tournament championship game between Utah Valley and Westminster.


UVU has been on a tear this season losing only one D2 game to, you guessed it, Westminster. And that was just by a score of 8-9. I always like seeing rivalries renewed in the championship tournament, and you usually only get one of this quality when its UST-SJU.

On the other side of the bracket, you have the undefeated St. Thomas Tommies, whose only close games this season have come against their rival, St. Johns. Then on the other side, you have Davenport who lost 3 games to Dayton and GVSU by a combined 5 goals. Oh, and they’re coming off a rivalry win against, you guessed it, GVSU.

You can see more photos from the tournament here and here

Lookin forward to Centenary Head Coach Mike Brand’s commentary for tomorrows D2 games, which will be broadcast LIVE on

The D1 games will be broadcast on Fox College Sports and on their website, if I’m not mistaken.


412 Lax did his thing and broke down the D1 action for us:

The final four looks something like this:

Arizona State vs. Simon Fraser

Michigan vs. Chapman

Mini preview:

The world expected Michigan to be in the semi finals. Next.

The world expected Chapman to be in the semi finals. Next.

The world did not expect Michigan to play Chapman in the semis.

Connor Martin vs. Harry Fried. It’s going to be a special evening.

Arizona State wasn’t the runaway train we expected them to be this regular season but they are playing at a high level when it counts. Yes, the world probably expected the Devils to be in the semi finals.

The only top 25 team that got off to a worse start than Colorado was the team north of the border. Now, they are one win away from the championship game. Towner and Foss will have to out score the Westfall duo for SFU to advance.

It’s been a fantastic tournament regardless of the weather.

Fox College Sports will be broadcasting the game on your television unit.

Keep it here on for your continuous MCLA National Championship coverage!

Look for more updates from The Lax and the rest of the staff as the games get going.

The Lax UPDATE (5:23 EST): I’ve been doing various task all day. Caught a little bit of the Westy game but my feed wwas going in and out. I come back home to try and watch the UST game, but no, I can’t. Thanks again, Mother Nature, for messing with the tourney again.

UPDATE (8:47 EST): Didn’t really watch too much of the D2 games, as I had other stuff to attend to. We’ll be seeing Utah Valley taking on St. Thomas in tomorrow’s D2 Championship. I’m watching Simon Fraser lose to Arizona State right now. Score is 8-3.

UPDATE (10:15 EST): First game is over. ASU won convincingly 19-9. Can’t wait for Babe City vs Michigan coming up. This will be the last you hear from me for a while, as I’m going on a vacation for a week and moving the week I get back. Until next time laxers.

UPDATE (11:11 EST): Craven chiming in. ASU punched their ticked to the championship with a dominating win over Simon Fraser in a game that featured a lot of one on one dodges and by the end was a giant game of keep away for most of the 4th quarter.  Chappie vs Michigan is on right now and Big Blue is up 4-2 in the 2nd qtr.  Lots better team offense in this one.

UPDATE (11:47 EST): Michigan up 7-4 at the half and the hits just keep on coming for this years edition of the National Tourney.  First it was May snowstorms, then it was power outages on the Oregon/ Colorado field, then it was lightning delays for the D2 semi finals and now half the lights in the stadium went dark during the Chapman-Michigan game.  Whoever put a voodoo curse on this years tourney did a helluva job.

UPDATE (12:12 EST): Pic of Michigan superfan interviewed in the stands by the lovely Lauren Gardner before the game.  He must be happy with the 10-6 score headed into the 4th qtr

He has a cowbell and love Big Blue

UPDATE (12:51 EST… yes really its almost 1am out here): Michigan 12 – Chaptown 10.  It’s going to be Big Blue vs ASU in tomorrow’s championship game.  Say what you want about “club” lacrosse but back to back games for the semi’s and championship is a real test of endurance.  Hope ASU uses the extra rest to gameplan on how to stop the machine from Ann Arbor.

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