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Ashley Gersuk Murphy — Outside the Eight: Women’s Lacrosse Podcast, Ep. 10

Hello! Welcome to EPISODE 10 of Lacrosse All Stars’ podcast — Outside the Eight. This podcast focuses on women’s lacrosse while sharing stories and experiences of current and former players and coaches. Outside the Eight will grow the game, help others know the game and share stories that go beyond the field.

Ashley Gersuk Murphy — Outside the Eight: Women’s Lacrosse Podcast

TEN! Episode 10 of Outside the Eight has arrived. This time with the great Ashley Gersuk Murphy. Ashley is from upstate New York, went to Northwestern in 2001, and was a part of the first team to win a national championship at Northwestern. She briefly worked for a media agency post-college, but was given the opportunity to build a career in lacrosse, eventually partnering with George Leveille and leading Summit Lacrosse Ventures. Summit is the operation behind Lake Placid Lacrosse and other tournaments and events across the country.

On this episode we talk about:

  1. How Ashley grew up playing boys lacrosse because she wanted to, and made it happen! And then eventually found her way into the goal playing women’s lacrosse.
  2. The resurrection of Northwestern University’s lacrosse program with Ashley as a freshman captain under head coach Kelly Amonte Hiller.
  3. We learn how sports and business intersect in Ashley’s role as CEO.
  4. We highlight the legendary Lake Placid lacrosse tournament, which is entering its 30th year in August 2019.
  5. Ashley describes all the incredible tournaments and events put on by Summit Lacrosse Ventures.
  6. What it means to Ashley to be a leader and boss, and how sports have instilled confidence and a “get it done” attitude.
  7. How lacrosse, specifically the women’s game, has changed for the better and why it’s important to keep it FUN.
  8. Positive growth of the game and business within the lacrosse industry.

Ashley is confident, strong, unapologetic and a leader. I admire her for being fearless, preferring to play boys lacrosse at a young age and not caring what anybody thought. She’s a legend, a role model and a boss at the office and in life. All these things make her GREAT, and I’m so glad we were able to learn from her and share the important work of Summit Lacrosse Ventures. Big thanks to Ashley and her team and thank YOU for listening.

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