AUCTION: American Revolution & Woozle Lacrosse Hoodies

American Revolution Lacrosse Hoodies

If you read 412 Lax, you already know all about the American Revolution.  And since we know you read LAS, you clearly know about The Woozles.  There’s really nothing more that needs to be said, except to remind you that the gear these teams wear is extraordinary, and no other team comes close to their patriotic style. Especially if you live in the People’s Republic of Woozle.

And now, without further ado…


Important note: Bidding ends Friday, October 21st. Once you’re ready, click here to place your bid on eBay.

American Revolution Lacrosse Hoodies

They are loud and proud and one-of-a-kind American.  ProAthletics worked with 412 to come up with the most classically independent and aggressive look ever, and the results speak for themselves.  Feast your eyes on the patriotism.  The only bill that would pass the Senate right now is one that says how awesome these hoodies are.

Bidding starts at $25.

American Revolution Lacrosse Hoodies

Sophisticated style, am I right?

American Revolution Lacrosse Hoodies

Size: Large

American Revolution Lacrosse Hoodies

Size: XL

American Revolution Lacrosse Hoodies

Oh hey George!

American Revolution Lacrosse Hoodies

Gee, you sure have nice pockets.

Woozles Lacrosse Club Hoodies

The Woozles rock pink better than most female Red Sox fans.  Probably because it’s actually one of the team’s colors!  It’s more of an electric pink for the Wooz crew though, because if you’re to speak, you might as well yell.  It’s unmissable, unmistakable, and beyond unconventional.  The one hoodie to rule them all. Did we mention it was recently FEATURED on ESPN?!

Bidding starts at $25.

Woozle Lacrosse Club Hoody

Oh hey, get your own hoody!

Woozle Lacrosse Hoody

No animals were harmed during photography.

Woozle Lacrosse Hoodies

These are the ones up for auction!

Click here to place your bid on eBay.

Questions? Hit us up at [email protected] using subject line “HOOD AUCTION.”

All proceeds from the AR Hoodies help fuel the American Revolution! All proceeds from the Woozle Hoodies will let Jeff and Connor buy Ramen for the next week.


But wait, there’s more!

American Revolution t-shirts and Woozle Lacrosse Socks are also available in The Lacrosse Shop right now!

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