weekend watch guide august 17
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Weekend Watch Guide: August 17-18

August 17 and 18 will feature six professional lacrosse games on television. There are three MLL games on back-to-back across three different networks this Saturday. PLL games can be watched via NBC Sports Gold as usual, but two will also air on NBC Sports Network over the weekend!

Check out the full schedule of lacrosse games being broadcast below. Plan ahead right, and you’ll be sure to catch them all.

Lacrosse on TV this Weekend

August 17-18 Weekend Watch Guide


12:30PM ET – NBCSG/NBCSN – Chaos vs Archers (PLL)
3:30PM ET – NBCSG – Chrome vs Atlas (PLL)
5:00PM ET – LSN – Atlanta vs New York (MLL)
7:00PM ET – Stadium – Boston vs Chesapeake (MLL)
8:00PM ET – ESPN+ – Denver vs Dallas (MLL)


6:00PM ET – NBCSG/NBCSN – Whipsnakes vs Redwoods (PLL)