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Australia Lacrosse Is Coming! Goalie Scores Behind The Back

Jarryd Lee was playing in net for Australia’s U19 team in the National Lacrosse Classic All-Star game (which featured the Aussies and the NLC All-Stars), when this giant of a young man decided to take it down the field and put one in the net himself.

A goalie goal is rare, and a behind the back goalie goal is almost never seen. When a goalie runs the full length of the field, gets stripped on the crease, picks up the ground ball himself, then sticks one in tight, from almost no angle, AND do it behind the back, you just can’t believe your eyes.

Yup, that happened.

Word on the street is that Lee is being recruited by some ACC schools… and after seeing this clip, we can see why. Lee is big, and athletic, and that jumps out right away. But he’s also pretty composed and creative. Seems like there is some real potential there!

It would be great to see an Australian keeper come over and play college ball. Warren Brown (Bayswater LC) and Sam Williams (Wembley LC) are two Ausssie goalies I’ve either played against or seen play, and I know that either of them could have played at the D1 level. Tim Forbes (Caulfield LC) also could have played college ball. The talent is there now, and has been there for years, and it’s exciting to think Lee could be the one to break in to the US college scene.

Maryland saw success with midfielder and man-up specialist, Adam Sear (Wembley LC), and a number of other Australian players have enjoyed immense success at the D2 level (Gordon Purdie, Matt Schomburg, Kim Delfs… the list goes on and on). Dennis Juleff played in the MLL for a couple of games after a career at D3 Ithaca College.

The talent in Australia is really high. The players are tough, and they are dedicated. Here’s to hoping more of them are able to come over and play college ball in the US!