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Australia Men's Lacrosse prepares for Denver
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Australia Lacrosse National Championship Video

Here is a primer on Australia Lacrosse! We thought it was important to include before you watch their 2014 national championship highlight video.

Australia is a large country land-wise (it encompasses just under 3 million square miles). The nation has a relatively small population (just under 23 million people), but a serious heart for sport. The Aussies always do well at the Summer Olympics, qualify for the World Cup often, and compete seriously in cricket, rugby, AFL, along with a host of other sports. While it is more of a fringe sport Down Under, as it is almost everywhere else, the Aussies have been playing lacrosse for over 100 years. The first lacrosse was recorded way back in 1876!

Australia has six states, and two territories. Lacrosse has been played in all six states at some time, but currently Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia are the big three, with the vast majority of the talent. There is a small group of clubs teams in Queensland, and some activity in New South Wales. Tasmania has not seen much lacrosse action since before WWII, neither has either of the territories.

When it comes to state vs state games, even if there are only three true lacrosse playing states, things get heated. Australia’s six states used to be six different and separate colonies, and this rivalry is alive today in athletics. The first interstate lacrosse game was in 1887, and the first countrywide tournament was in 1910, at the MCG in Melbourne.

Today, we still see these great contests, and in 2014 South Australia took home the national title with a big win over Western Australia, in Adelaide, SA, by a score of 18-10.

Australia Lacrosse Highlights

South Australia 18 – Western Australia 10

Here is a breakdown of who did the scoring, and game MVPs:

South Australia: William Picket
Western Australia: Jordan Gillespie

Goal Scorers
South Australia: Nigel Morton 6; Luke Keesing, Ben Robinson, William Picket, Ryan Gaspari 2; Paul Marshall, Matthew Fuss, Tom Freeman, Brad Sheldon 1

Western Australia: Jordan Gillespie 3; Coady Adamson 2; Alex Brown, Lewis Blackie, Matt Diver, Isaac Cahill, Lucas Wood 1

Tournament All-Star Roster

Best Player – William Pickett – SA

All Stars
Callum Ahrens – Vic

Brad Sheldon – SA
Glenn Morley – WA 
Jeff Melslopp – Vic

William Pickett – SA
Chris Plumb – Vic
Jesse Bowland-Curtis – WA

Nigel Morton – SA
Tom Freeman – SA
Matt Diver – WA

Lee Vickery – SA

Michael Goudie