412 On Big Blue

The following commentary comes from today’s post on 412 Lax, The Ruler is Back.

2010 Gear Review: Brine’s 2010 Elite Gloves

Pete Tumbas and Connor Wilson have combined to produce the greatest gear review series known to man. In this edition Pete takes a look at the Brine Vengeance and Shakedown. How do they stack up?

Corporate Malfeasance: The PNCLL Case

412 is at it again and he’s previewing the upcoming 2010 MCLA season, breaking down each conference as only he can. First up, the Pacific Northwest gets some love from Steel town.


This just in from 412 Lax: Pounds of video coverage, a Fireside Chat with one of the best middies in MCLA land and no black and white photos.

And the F is for Forever

ALLOW me to introduce the 90% of Lax is in the Flow official logos, ahead of official clothing line release.