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MCLA Players Playing in the NLL

Many MCLA and MDIA players have gone on to play professionally in the MLL and NLL. There are currently ten active players in the NLL who played in the MCLA for at least one season. While I understand that their junior box careers probably contributed a lot more to their professional box lacrosse success, I […]

UConn Lacrosse: 2023 MCLA Season Preview

uconn lacrosse

UConn Lacrosse is looking to make it back to the MCLA National Tournament for the third time in program history. They made an appearance back in 2015 after winning the now defunct Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League and most recently made it in 2019 when they received an at-large bid. Jeff Lombardo will be entering his […]

Northeastern Lacrosse: 2023 MCLA Season Preview

The Northeastern Men’s Lacrosse program completed a perfect in-conference season and only lost to national runner-up, Georgia Tech, going into the CLC DI Final. They ultimately lost the game and were arguably one of the best teams to miss out on an at-large bid. Going into this season, they were voted the best team in […]

The History of Whittier Lacrosse

Whittier lacrosse

Whittier College in Orange County, California, is the latest college to drop its NCAA lacrosse program. This is extremely disheartened because the school was the only NCAA lacrosse team in the state of California. Whittier College played a huge role in the growth of lacrosse in the state in the 80s and 90s. The team […]

Johnny Hodges: Navy Lacrosse to TCU Football

TCU Football is having a historic 2022 season which may go down as the best in school history. The Horned Frogs are currently 10-0, have clinched their second Big 12 Championship appearance since joining the Big 12, and are projected to make the College Football Playoffs for the first time ever. A big part of […]

Purdue Lacrosse: 2023 MCLA Season Preview

The Purdue Men’s Lacrosse program finished the 2022 season 9-6, their best record since 2016 where they also finished 9-6. That year, they won their third GRLC Championship and went to the National Tournament in Irvine. Head Coach: Dan Sahm (5th Season) Overall Record: 9-6 Conference Record: 6-3 (3-2 East) Returners: Ryan Schellin (44G, 17A) […]

How to Support the HEADstrong Foundation

Nick Colleluori was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a blood cancer affecting the lymphatic systems, at the end of his freshmen season after playing significant minutes on defense for Hofstra. Shortly after his diagnosis, he created the HEADstrong Foundation to raise awareness and funds for cancer patients, calling on other lacrosse players and […]

The Struggle of Purchasing MCLA Gear

mcla gear

I wanted to take some time to explain the process behind MCLA teams ordering gear for themselves and to sell to others, as the process is not as simple as you may think. The majority of MCLA teams are almost entirely self-funded. Funds are raised through player dues, fundraising events, donations from alumni, family, friends, […]

What Happened to Sam Houston State Lacrosse?

sam houston state lacrosse

This is the fourth part in a series of articles about former MCLA teams primed for a comeback. Click the links to read about UNLV, Weber State, and Louisiana Lafayette. This time we will be going over the history of the Sam Houston State lacrosse program. The Sam Houston State lacrosse team was founded in […]

What Happened to Louisiana at Lafayette Lacrosse?

Louisiana at Lafayette Lacrosse

This is the third part in a series of articles about former MCLA teams primed for a comeback. Click the links to read about Weber State and UNLV. Today we ask the question, what happened to the Louisiana at Lafayette lacrosse program? The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns lacrosse team was founded in […]

What Happened to Weber State Lacrosse?

weber state lacrosse

This is the second article discussing MCLA teams I hope make a comeback. Last week was UNLV and this week I will focus on Weber State lacrosse.  Utah is one of the fastest growing lacrosse states in the country. The University of Utah is the western most and only PAC-12 school with an NCAA Division […]

What Happened to UNLV Lacrosse?

unlv lacrosse

There are many Division 1 schools with 20,000+ students that have neither a varsity lacrosse team, nor a club lacrosse team. Most of them have had MCLA teams at one point, but were disbanded for various reasons. MCLA membership has been growing since the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are still plenty of schools that are still […]