Tips For Cameramen: Elevate Your Content

sports video production and film editing

Teams are catching on to the new age, I’m not talking schemes or plays.  The new age of technology, social media and even recruiting.  Here’s an obvious statement, social media is HUGE! That’s where you cameramen come in. Look at any lacrosse team, whether it’s professional, NJCAA,  NCAA, MCLA, high school or club, they all have every form […]

One More Rep with Megan Douty

megan douty one more rep

Ever been in the gym and thought, “just one more rep, one more set, one more time”? Personally, I think about finishing my workout as quick as possible, but not Megan Douty and Lauren Lea. Lauren Lea, who plays in the WPLL and is an ECD athlete, know that the extra rep, extra lift, extra mile […]