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Connor Martin

15 posts
Connor is a born and raised laxer from Oregon. He went from Lakeridge HS to Chap Town U (MCLA D1) to chasing dreams in the world of professional lacrosse. Love Life!
Low Pie or Die = Tuesdays w/ Connor Martin
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Tuesdays w/ Con ≈ Low Pie or Die

Why isn't stinging a low right corner or blasting 5 hole as cool as ripping top cheese above the goalies head? Probably because someone named it Top Cheddar and everyone loves cheese. Well you know what else everyone loves? Pie. Low Pie or Die.
Z dodge with connor martin
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The Z Dodge and Rocker Step

This dodge is taught less and less, but it's a beauty. Why is it taught less, and why should it be taught more? Does this dodge require a higher lacrosse IQ? How similar is it to the rocker step in terms of set up? The Z dodge is definitely a hard dodge to pull off and set up in games.
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Scoring In Tight

We've been asking Connor Martin questions about his new lacrosse training tip videos and he's been responding in his own special vernacular. There's no shortage of lacrosse knowledge being shared here, and this week we want to know how ConBroChill overcomes the FEAR that all attackmen have when they're about to get popped after scoring inside!
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One Hand Lacrosse Magic

We've been conversing with Connor Martin about his new skills and drills fun time videos, and we're loving what we've seen so far. Connor combines his great attitude with useful tips, and we're helping him share his mojo by asking CBC to go a little deeper. This week we're talking about one-handed magic and how it translates to on the field success.