Cradling – It’s So Important!

Cradling is a fundamental skill, everyone knows that. Learn it the right way and be the laxer I know you can be! Connor Martin shows you how to work out a dirty lacrosse cradle!

Teaching The Dive Shot

Connor Martin teaches the dive shot

There are lots of skills in lacrosse that need perfecting before you can play at the highest levels. Connor Martin is here to drop some knowledge on you, in his inimitable way, and each week he’ll answer some questions from Connor Wilson about this week’s tip. This week, we’re talking about the Dive Shot!

How To Throw A Face Dodge

Connor Martin, in conjunction with Flow Society, is releasing 30 lacrosse tips over the next 29 weeks. ConBroChill made the videos with is zany crew, so they have that distinct CBC feel to them, and are quite entertaining. As an added bonus, the videos are also quite informative! Each week we’re going to post his new clip along with a Q&A from the man himself; Connor Martin!